Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wow -Time Fly's when your having fun

I can't believe it was Saturday the last time I posted- I was excited about my new look and I just never got back. I was enjoying life. I went to see Martina McBride Sunday night- for a little thing she can bust out a song. I went with Ashley, my oldest daughter and Donny, my son-in love. First we went to Ketchup, a new restaraunt here in our hometown -it is so cool. It's owners are Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama, to name a few. The only other Ketchup is in Hollywood. My son Chase is one of the managers here. The food is like an 80's diner but gourmet. I got Shake and Bake chicken - which was pistachio encrusted baked Chicken breast strips that were awesome. Donny got a Sloppy Joe-slopp sloppy joe:o) He said it was awesome. The deserts were huge and delicious. The ice cream sandwich is two big old 8 inch warm chocolate chip cookies with ice cream inside and chocolate drizzled all over. They also serve deep fried Twinkies YUMO . If you find yourself in Huntsville AL go to Bridge Street -our new outdoor Shopping arena. Go to Ketchup and tell Chase Meme sent ya.
Monday, found me working and then at a meeting to make plans for our Relay -for -Life event-the first weekend of May. I am committed to walking and being there all night long-did you hear what I just said -all night long. What was I thinking-this old lady can't hang with the big dogs like I used too. Oh well, start praying now or else I'll post the pictures of the lady laying on the bleachers (Me) after its all over with. Our Ladies mission group at church, named M&M's for Mary and Martha's, and Missions and Ministry is having a booth. All of the money is for such a great cause of course, the American Cancer Society , so I'm jazzed to be helping, I just pray I last all night. Last of all, last night, I went to spend-the-night with my grandbaby girls , their Daddy is out of town and they wanted MeMe to spend the night, so off I went with my toothbrush and PJ's and no computer. Like I said I was enjoying life.Isn't that what its all about?

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I was wondering where you were. :)