Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beautiful Cakes and I helped

About this time last year I talked my son-in-love and my daughter into trying to learn how to make fondant cakes for a shower we were giving and since then it has grown into a little part - time thing . I am just the helper, but I am very proud of them . This shows the first one we ever did.

I investigated and found a recipe online_what a wonderful abundance of informationyou can find there- It was a recipe for Marshmallow Fondant. It makes the fondant taste better than the gum paste kind.You can just roll it out and make all kids of cakes.

We have made many different cakes and I am proud of each one.

This is a baby cake we made with one of my DeMarle Silicone molds. That's another blog another day. It sure turned out precious and we were just messing around.

Then there was the NASA cake my daughter made for my husband. It turned out very well. I think all the engineers at his office appreciated the look as well as the taste.

It helps to have a love for baking like my Son -in Love Donny does, as well as the creative spark my Daughter Ashley has, along with my administrative input like here let me lick the beater and do you need to me to taste that buttercream?
I love every cake Ashley has ever made and I am proud that when I saw that picture on the cover of the Southern Lady magazine that I knew we could do it if we set our minds to it!

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