Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amazing Grace

I've had a lot of things on my mind this week that I want to write about and yet time went swiftly by and I didn't even have time to post. Things that have been on my mind that I feel led to write about like how we need to be in prayer for Oprah and how she is leading many (even Christians) down a wrong path. I want to post about this when I have gotten my thoughts in order and have prayed about the right things to say. As for now - pray for Oprah.
What I will share today is how thankful I am for Grace, specifically God's grace to me Lorie his poster child in need of Grace. I have been reading the book =I highly recommend- The PaPa Prayer and the author Larry Crabb says the acronym for PaPa is how we should pray- The first p stands for present yourself to God without pretense. Next the first a stands for attend to how you are thinking of God. The next p stands for Purge yourself of anything blocking your relationship with God. The last a stands for approach God as the first thing in your life.
So when I present myself to God I have to start right off in need of grace, because I lack discipline, I procrastinate, sometimes I'm too busy, many times I put unimportant stuff before important stuff, often times I'm lazy, sometimes I'm angry and selfish and very frequently I feel bad about myself. So right away I tell God how much I need him. Because I KNOW He is all powerful, He can do all things, He is concerned about our thoughts, our lives and our needs. He is always with us and He is able to take care of anything and everything- why don't we remember that when we fret? Sometimes the hardest thing is to purge yourself of what is blocking your relationship with God because that might mean going to another person and making something right and that can be hard. The last a - should be the easiest because it should not be hard to realize that God is our treasure, He is the one constant thing from before our first breath to eternity. H e will never leave us or forsake us. These are some things on my mind tonight and so I will leave you with the song that has always been my true favorite, that became even more so with this version....

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Valarie said...

This is one of my favorite songs! I love singing it and worshipping to it.