Monday, November 30, 2009

It’s the Most wonderful Time of the Year

The last few weeks have been wonderful.I went to Nashville with my girlfriends from High School. The trip was awesome.We shopped and celebrated Lisa’s 50th. She is the last one of us to hit the big 50.


We had a blast.



One of the best thing’s about that weekend has a story attached~for almost two years I have read every word of Bring The Rain. I  have prayed for Angie and her family. I feel like I know them. I watched with excitement as Todd was at the Presidential Debate. I was sitting at my home on the Friday morning before we left for Nashville, and I said  “Lord, I would love to meet Angie”,because her writing really touches me and I feel connected somehow. We went to Nashville, I thought I saw her at the first place we went. I thought Lorie, you have been here many times, Nashville is a big place,You asked for a needle in a haystack. Before that day was through-we were sitting at Mellow Mushroom and I turned my head and saw a bald man in my peripheral vision , then I saw three sweet little girls-I jumped up and I knew God had allowed me my desire.

Angie was so kind and gracious and I hope she doesn’t think I’m a crazy woman, because I did get pretty emotional that God had heard my little request and allowed me the joy. Thank you Lord!


Next came Thanksgiving..

The day was all about family and food.The best part was when four generations shared what they were thankful for.


Nanny and Poppy are thankful for each other and their great family.





080 070

I have so much to be thankful for, from salvation and a blessed life. Beautiful children and awesome grandchildren. A wonderful Savior who sometimes allows us small joys to show us He cares about what we care about. I Thank God for wonderful Christian parents who are still with us, great siblings with sweet families and all the relatives we are blessed with. I thank God for wonderful friends.I am abundantly blessed.

The list is long and my gratitude is endless.

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!

Be blessed!


Friday, November 20, 2009

I’ve been Feathering my Nest;o)

I told ya’ll I’d get around to taking some pictures and showing you some things my sis-in law and I’ve been doing. When I say we’ve been doing –I mean she is the seamstress –I am the picker outer of fabrics etc.

Let’s see if you can tell anything from my pics…

House -nov 2009 002

I have to tell you-these are Better Homes and Garden panels from Walmart –but I love them in my room.

Did you notice my Cross collection-I love my Cross Wall.

House -nov 2009 001

My living room is Lorie style-not designer style but it is comfortable.

House -nov 2009 003

House -nov 2009 004

Next to it –is the Dining Room! I love my new curtains and my recovered chairs we did .

House -nov 2009 005

House -nov 2009 006

House -nov 2009 007

My foyer got some attention with window treatments and it iswhere I welcome all my guests-well, most of my friends are backdoor guests but my foyer is nice.(Its awaiting the 9 foot Christmas tree that’s coming)

House -nov 2009 009

House -nov 2009 022

I love this wall that connects the foyer and the living room…

 House -nov 2009 011

Now the kitchen-I love my kitchen curtains!

House -nov 2009 017

House -nov 2009 018

House -nov 2009 013

House -nov 2009 019

My sweet Sunday school class got me the Beautiful Feed on the Word Dinnerware-take a closer look..

House -nov 2009 020

and this is where I sit to knit scarves, watch TV, read your blogs, Read the bible. My chair!

House -nov 2009 023

Come and visit-we’ll have a cup of Coffee!

Be blessed!


Another week bites the dust…

Today was my Friday at work~yippee. It means another week has come and gone and we are even closer to the holidays. I’ve said it before “Time flies when your having fun-I better be careful because I have alot of fun coming up. Lets see, starting with this weekend- I’m going off to Nashville with my girlfriends from High school. We are going to shop~watch a Movie~Eat~shop some more ~stay up late~laugh-celebrate the last one of us  to turn 50~did I mention Eat & shop! Next, comes a very short work week-then TURKEY DAY-what a fun day –family –food-remembrance of all we have been blessed with-more food and family. I can’t wait!! That brings us to next weekend and Tree trimming time with Juju and Barbie. I love putting up our decorations together.

Then a few weeks after that comes GRADUATION-My Bama Princess graduates from the University of Alabama! It seems like just yesterday I was crying wondering how I ‘d get her there.

Oh, I skipped right over the first week end in December which will bring the Rockettes in Nashville, then our Christmas Musical at church –which I always look forward to because I really know it’s the season then.

Any body tired yet?

How about a few scenes from my last few weeks….

2009 915

I love my Ryder boy-I’ve been missing him so bad. I don’t get to see him nearly enough! He turns 2 on December 10th. I can’t believe it!

2009 903

2009 922

Abby is 1o months old and starting to walk!

2009 1029

Meme loves her very much~there’s nothing like the feeling of joy and peace of holding your sweet baby.

2009 924

Anna is my sweet –wants to hang with Meme, mischievous little angel.

2009 973  

She had her first cheerleading competition last weekend and a double ear infection too.

2009 930

Emma-lounging at Meme’s!

2009 925

She is so smart-she can read really well-chapter books –and she just started Kindergarten.

2009 1045

My cup runneth over!

Be blessed!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Random Thoughts on Friday the 13th

Fridays-one of my new favorite days, because I will be off most Fridays. I have moved positions at work and I love many parts of it. For one I love working Bingo on Tuesday nights, it doesn't feel like work and it's among people-which is what I miss the most~ being among the sweet elderly all day long. I am now in Marketing, so I will be trying to raise money, educate the Public about our great place and planning fundraising events. All of this was a God thing in my opinion, because my Bama Princess will be graduating December 12th, and I am going to pay her student loans.

Another random thought for today, is I got a new Bible,

The Quest Study Bible features article/subject indexes and full-color map and timeline sections. The Quest Study Bible has clarified the meaning of Scripture for countless people. It will do the same for you.Description: With over one million copies sold, the Quest Study Bible—in beautiful Italian Duo-Tone™ binding—is designed to provide solid, Scripture-based answers to your most perplexing questions. With thousands of notes and hundreds of articles by top evangelical scholars, this unique Bible will quickly become your most trusted resource. The Quest Study Bible features include: • Over 7,000 sidebar notes that clarify the Bible’s most puzzling passages • Nearly 350 articles by top scholars that address the most popular and provocative questions asked by Christians and non-Christians alike • Article index and expanded subject index that help you quickly find the answers they’re looking for • Single-column Scripture text format • Color-keyed verse numbers that supply instant reference to articles and sidebar notes • Book introductions that identify themes, characters, and events in each Bible book • Over 150 two-color in-text charts, timelines, and maps providing background information you need to understand different passages • Concordance, dictionary, 16-page full-color map section, 7-page full-color timeline section, and reading plans to assist your study of the Bible.

I love God's word, it is my guide book, my owner's manual if you will. I think whatever is going on in my life can be applied to answer's found there. I think everyone should get a new Bible periodically to bring it to life again and feel you with fresh desire to read and understand it.I'm LOVING my new BIBLE and my time in the word!

Random thought #3-I have had live in company for several months now and She is a seamstress, decorator -so soon I will have pictures of some improvements that have been going on around here. She hasn't tried to change my style just enhance it.So people get ready ... pictures coming.

Random thought #4- Last night I had friends over- It was Bunco night. I fixed a yummy dinner! I fixed Turkey and dressing, auGrautin potatoes with the best recipe, corn pudding , asaparagus and pea casserole, rolls and gravy. A new favorite was individual tomato pies- I used a good tomato pie recipe and made them with won-ton wrappers in a muffin pan-Yummy good and fun to eat. Desert was Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding-everybody left full and happy I think!

Random thought #5-I really do try to be a cup half full person. I try to show the Joy of the Lord. I try to be positive and up-beat, not negative and hard to be around. I am finding myself lately in a funk~a little unusual for me. So pray for me. Pray for me and areas I need to work on in my life. Boy how I believe in the power of prayer.

Last random thought then I must get up from this chair and be productive-I'm so thankful that our God is still in the miracle business. For so long now I have been intwined in the blog and life of Mckmama~ I have prayed for Stellan since before He was born and I have joined Twitter to get minute by minute updates when he has been flown to Boston for surgeries. This week God performed a miracle through the Doctor's hands and Stellan is well! If you need a blessing -go -read their story. God, you are awesome, Alive, and on the throne. Greater is He that is in us than the Prince of this world. Thank you GOD!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Life….Blessings…Grandchildren…How sweet it is!

What a bargain grandchildren are! I give them my loose change, and they give me a million dollars' worth of pleasure.
Gene Perret


A child needs a grandparent, anybody's grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world.
Charles and Ann Morse


Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without  siblings, spouses, friends - and hardly ever our own grown children.
Ruth Goode


When grandparents enter the door,
discipline flies out the window.
Ogden Nash


Few things are more delightful than
grandchildren fighting over your lap.
Doug Larson


It's amazing how young I feel
now that I am a grandparent;
aches and pains seem to vanish when grandchildren want to play.
Byron Pulsifer


I spent years developing my language skills only to have them reduced to babble, without a thought, without a care when with my little grandchild.
Byron Pulsifer


Also, I had the blessing of spending last weekend with best friends.

“Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.”



Yep, life is good.

Be blessed!