Saturday, August 30, 2008

25 ways to find Joy - Joy is the best make-up

You know I love lists and I love joy. Last night I watched The Bucket List for the 4th time.(I spent the night with my best friend –what fun) One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when Carter(Morgan Freeman) asks Edmund  (Jack Nickolson) if he has known joy and without out blinking he says yes, then he asks if he has spread joy to others. And He could not answer yes.

I want to be a joy spreader. Mine comes from within because I know God loves me more than anyone can-but sometimes we need help being joyful so hence my list. I found these from the Natural Health magazine- see joy keeps you healthier -another added bonus!


1 Create ambiance. For tonight's dinner, put out your best linens, create a centerpiece, or simply light a candle. A festive setting makes for a festive mood.

2 Get outside. Whenever you feel bored, antsy, or gloomy, go for a walk. The fresh air, changing scenery, and exercise will boost your mood.

3 Bow out gracefully. The next time you argue with someone, be the first person to relent and acknowledge the other person's point of view. You'll both be smiling sooner.

4 Hit the sack sooner. Go to bed an hour early tonight. Tomorrow, you'll wake up with a brighter outlook.

5 Build someone's future. Volunteer with a local charity. To find a nonprofit or tax-exempt organization near you, visit

6 Buy something beautiful. Place a small but exquisite painting, handmade vase, or other piece of art prominently in your home. Admire it often.

7 Take lessons. When you were a kid, did you always want to try horseback riding or sailing? Do you wish you could take up a hobby, like knitting or piano playing? Now is the time to learn how. Hobbies are fun and relieve stress. Look for appropriate schools in the phone book.

8 Add greenery. Adorn your desk and kitchen counter with cut flowers, houseplants, or potted herbs. Plants are proven mood enhancers.

9 Know you're loved. There's no greater joy.

10 Look to the heavens. Whenever you have a chance to relax under the stars, do it. Gazing at the night sky makes you feel more connected to the world.

11 Relish a juicy read. When you start a book and know that it's going to be good, take a moment to enjoy the tingling in your toes.

12 Revel in simplicity. Buy a single rose, tulip, or gerber daisy. Admire the color and shape of the petals and remember how beautiful life can be.

13 Awaken your Inner Julia Child. Create a dish without a recipe from just the ingredients in your pantry. Discover your creative power.

14 Care for yourself. Gently brush your hair or massage your scalp every night before you go to bed. This simple ritual will relax you.

15 Keep in touch. Write a friend. Use your best pen and beautiful stationery. Realize that you are actually sending love.

16 Start a tea party. Schedule a regular tea date with your friends and honor it like any other appointment. During stressful weeks you'll have something fun to look forward to.

17 Redo a room. Paint a bureau, a door, four walls, or even a ceiling anything but white. A new color brings change and beauty into your life quickly and with little effort.

18 Crack yourself up. Conjure up the funniest movie scene you know or a silly true story starring yourself. Laugh out loud.

19 Sleep in. Allow yourself at least one lazy weekend morning a month.

20 Take a detour. Stray from your usual route. Be stimulated by new neighborhoods and people, and appreciate the challenge of finding your way home.

21 Bear gifts. Keep little presents like scented candles or homemade jams on hand. Offer them to friends for no reason in particular. When you give to others, the world seems more generous.

22 Make a joyful book. Fill a small album with photos and stories that evoke your happiest memories.

23 Plan a picnic. Call some friends and then pack fresh fruit, sandwiches, and maybe a bottle of wine. While away the afternoon under the shade of a tree.

24 Play the game "New or Good." At the end of each day, ask your partner to tell you about one new or good experience. Then offer your own response. Maybe you noticed blooming roses or a bluebird in your backyard, or your cranky neighbor smiled.

25 Send birthday joy. For their birthdays, write your friends letters recounting favorite memories or telling them what they mean to you. Hint that you like receiving mail, too.

Be blessed!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

7 things…

I saw this on my buddy Southern Mom’s blog, it helped me know her a little better –so I thought I’d put it out here. I really tried to think about them.  Share yours with me  and let me know.

7 things I plan to do before I die:

  1. Go on more mission trips.
  2. See my children happy in life.
  3. Lead more people to Christ.
  4. Lose weight
  5. Mend fences.
  6. Teach my grandkids about God.
  7. Take some chances.

7 things I can do:

  1. Sing whenever I get the opportunity.
  2. Cook and enjoy it.
  3. Share my home with others.
  4. Knit a scarf.
  5. Love unconditionally.
  6. Talk to anyone, anywhere.
  7. Spend time with my grandkids daily.

7 things I cannot do:

  1. Change others.
  2. Not very good at Math
  3. Run a mile.
  4. Whistle.
  5. Lose weight.
  6. Take a chance on something…
  7. Eat tomatoes.

7 things I say most often:

  1. I love you.
  2. This too shall pass.
  3. Who’s Meme”s girl?
  4. The thing about it is….
  5. This is my favorite…
  6. What ya doing?
  7. You are Beautiful!

7 celebrity crushes:

This was the hardest one for me!

  1. Kris Kristofferson
  2. Trace Adkins
  3. Harry Connick Jr
  4. Sam Shepherd
  5. Tim McGraw
  6. George Bush
  7. Jeffery Dean Morgan

7 People who need to do this=

anybody who wants to share  a little bit of themselves with us!

Another little bit of news is ITS A GIRL!!!!  Pray for Ashley and the baby.

Be blessed!



Saturday, August 23, 2008

Following in my friends footsteps

Okay, so Valerie and Krissy did this so I thought I would!

Ain’t this a hoot!

1960 The year is 1960. I was actually 1 in real life.

Moving right along-

1976 1976

This was actually one year before my high school graduation- I never really had curly or big hair!

myYearbookPhoto 1980s

This is probably the only one that came close-except I had some light bangs when I looked like this!

2000 This was 2000

I hope I looked better than this!-this is scary!

1996 This one may have been close in the early 90’s- I actually had a blue jean dress and love funky earrings.

For your own fun and enjoyment -go to -see if you remember any of these looks!

Be blessed! Remember tomorrow is Church day!


I’m Finally Back

I’ve been gone figuratively and literally. I have not been able to get on the computer at home, because we did not have a wireless router. I took the one we had to T-town to my baby girl when I went down for her birthday.


I traveled down just to see her on her first birthday ever not at home. We usually do big family dinners for Birthdays, so I couldn’t leave her big day up to someone else. I left work early Wednesday and drove down to go out to dinner with her and some friends.s192800868_30104381_4640

It felt like being in college again-just older, bigger, tireder, and wiser.

It was fun to meet her nice friends, take her a cake, and spend time with her. I miss her.


My oldest daughter made the cake-It was awesome!n192800868_30104394_7640

Boy life goes by fast when you are having fun.

I’ll write some more later tonight-I’m so glad to be back-I’ve got alot of catching up to do-reading all of my friends and writing on mine!

Be blessed!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sometimes We Just Need to Hear This...

I got this in an email and I just set and let it sink in. I reread it and I thought of all the times I am my own worst enemy. I think bad of myself and I feel defeated. Truthfully, getting in that mind set is how you let some one abuse you, you feel you deserve it. For years I had a sign on my bathroom mirror that said Lorie is a precious Child of God. I would look at that some days and think, God- I need to feel that today. I have alot of stuff going on today and I don't feel like your precious child. I think satan likes to get ahold of us and work in our minds. I thank God that in 1 Samuel 16:7 it tells us-"The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man Looks at outward appearance ; but the Lord looks at the heart." So today I needed reminding....
Girl, just look at you, with your pretty self. You are so beautiful! Not only are you beautiful, but you have the nerve to be talented and gifted by God. Hold your head up Girl and know that you are loved and appreciated. Don't give the enemy any place to cause you to have low self-esteem or doubt. You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. This is your year to decree it and speak it! This is the year of new beginnings. So get your step on Girl, because God is faithful to perform all that He has promised to you! Be confident in Him and His word. The words you speak from your mouth determine your outcome. Why not speak good and positive things over your life Girl? You are not defeated but rather you are more than a conqueror. You have been through a lot in your life and look at you now, just as pretty and as strong as ever! Oh, how blessed you are. Look what God has done and look where He has brought you from. Begin to bless God and praise Him for all thatHe has done, and for making you so beautiful! He had you in His precious hands all the time. Your life is orchestrated by Him. He knows you and what is best for you.Believe that He has even greater things in store for you and your family. Girl, get over the silly stuff and grab hold of faith. Seek God as never before. Sure, times are hard, but God is Good! Learn to love who He has made you to be. There is no one like YOU. -Author Unknown Enjoy the Love of Jesus and Enjoy Life!
Be blessed!Photobucket

Friday, August 15, 2008

More than you probably want to know…

I found this Meme on  Brenda’s  blog- I thought I’d spread it on-

What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now? Vanilla Body wash

Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator? No. I wish I did.
What would you change about your living room? a new couch

Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty? Clean
What is in your fridge? not much-need to grocery shop-milk, OJ condiments –some lunch meat-cheese of course

White or wheat bread? Wheat–with all kind of little grains in it

What is on top of your refrigerator? a cake plate , some ceramic serving pieces, a pretty tin like on my fridge when I was growing up

What color or design is on your shower curtain? its glass – no curtain

How many plants are in your home? None. Not the greatest with plants.
Is your bed made right now? no
Comet or Soft Scrub? Comet

Your closet organized? not at all

Can you describe your flashlight? i don’t have one

Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home? I don’t like plastic so glass it must be

Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?no-If I did it would be Milo’s

If you have a garage, is it cluttered? yes pretty much

Curtains or blinds? lots of bare windows and faux wood blinds
How many pillows do you sleep with? One.
Do you sleep with any lights on at night? no never

How often do you vacuum?when it needs it or company’s coming

Standard toothbrush or electric? Standard
What color is your toothbrush? Just got a new hot pink one today.(Brenda –I really did too)
Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch? I have a mat but it doesn't say Welcome...but you are welcome!
What is in your oven right now? ritz crackers with marshmallows

Is there anything under your bed? Dust

Chore you hate doing the most? folding clothes

What retro items are in your home? I don’t have much retro

Do you have a separate room that you use as an office? my hubby does –not me.
How many mirrors are in your home? 10 in the whole house

Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home? would I tell you

What color are your walls? green, yellow and red

5-2008 001 green

005 yellow

002 red

Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home? does the Bible count006 My Bible is open to Isaiah 41:10-Fear thou not; for I am with thee, be not dismayed ,for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee, yea I will help thee, yea I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. That’s my protection!

What does your home smell like right now? Warm Vanilla sugar I love it!!!!!!!

Candle scent? food smells

What kind of pickles (if any) in your fridge? dill
What color is your favorite Bible? Black.
Ever been on your roof? not only no-but heck no

Do you own a stereo? yes

How many TVs do you have?2 right now

How many house phones? 3
Do you have a housekeeper? I wish

What style do you decorate in? Lorie style

003 008 009 007


Do you like solid colors in furniture or prints? Both

Is there a smoke detector in your home? several

What are the items in your house which you’d grab if you only could make one quick trip?
my treasure chest at the foot of my bed with all kinds of memories in it.

Happy Friday and Be Blessed!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some highlights from my weekend

Where did the time go-this week is passing by so fast and I didn’t even show you some highlights of my weekend.

 8-2008 018

8-2008 015

8-2008 029

8-2008 034

8-2008 040

Saturday morning my Sunday school class came for breakfast then we went visiting. It was a good morning . Then Ryder and Emma spent the night with Meme and Papa. The last picture is Ryder and Emma ready  to go to church with Meme.  Anna was here most of the day and evening-then went home to Mama.

My best memory of Saturday is in my heart- in my memory. I took all three grandkids  to see my Mom and Dad- Nanny and Poppy. It was a sweet visit- I could kick myself I didn’t have my camera. My Dad held little Ryder with his good arm and had Ryder laughing up a storm. It was sweet and a great moment. The kind you thank God for.

My week is passing fastly – how about yours?

Have you Paid it forward this week? I’m working on it- I need some addresses!

Be blessed!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

100th post-Pay it Forward- Yada yada

Dear Friends,

I thank you for reading My Pay it Forward Story yesterday. I did not write it for any praise or kind words for myself. I really don’t deserve them. I wrote it for several reasons.

1. I was answering the only question I was written in my comments-

Blogger jennifer said...

Question for post 100...
Have you ever been shown something great that came out of your ride along ministry? Maybe a success story or even just seeing someone out in public looking like they were thriving?
I know that God will reveal to you one day how you have touched lives, but I wonder if you have seen some of this already.
Also, what is your favorite flavor of home made ice cream?

2.I  wanted to do something different for my 100th post than tell ya’ll 100 things about me that I can’t even think up!

3.I wanted to do a Pay it Forward giveaway- where we all spread the love. I found some new ways, I will share with you in a minute.

4. I wanted to give God the glory- he took something painful  and hard in my life and allowed me to use it for good! How awesome is that!

5. If I was going to do a 100 things about me-the recurring theme would be God is Good- He loves us more than anyone- He answers prayer- he gives us Grace- He wants us to share it-We should be using everything we have to His benefit-the good and the bad.

I love Him- I hope all that came through in my Pay it Forward story. Enough said.


So now-My favorite flavor of ice cream is Pralines and Cream!

We have a Pay it Forward to get started!


They usually go in threes so here is my three requests.

1.To my first three ( okay 10)commenter's I will be sending a gift- it will be something along the lines of a devotional book or something- then you pay it forward –Post this picture and my link  on your blog and we will see what happens. I will need your emails so we can exchange addresses.

2. My blog friend Shauna-she created my pretty blog-

she has a sister who is now in prison. The story is one we probably all face in our lives with a loved one. Shauna has written about it and  she has started a blog for her. Go read it and share God’s love in any way you are able, be it a written encouragement or a gift. The blog is Randi’s Reality. It will bless her and bless you to be a part. Please let me know if you are participating in this part also.

3. So many people face sickness and hardship and as I stated before – prayer works. Please go to another blog friends blog-Reva at Gifting each day- let her know you will be in prayer for her and her son. Let us always be found faithful in lifting each other up and share when we have a prayer concern.

So-That’s my 3 ways of Paying it Forward- get with me People!

Let me hear back from you- lets see if we can spread this.

Thank you for every comment and kind word in my first 100 posts- they were blessings to me. I hope I have several hundred more in me-maybe not in a few months time like my buddy Jennifer though- she rocks-I don’t know why I’m telling you though-she is so popular all my peeps already read her!

Be blessed this sweet Lord’s day!

Have I told you lately that I love you…because He first loved me.


Friday, August 8, 2008

A Pay it Forward Story

This is a story that touched my heart and is a God working story.

One Thanksgiving night as I sat with my family reliving the good day we had had with family and Turkey and overeating-the phone rang . The call was the Helpline and they needed me to go to the hospital to be with a rape victim. It was not the ending to the day I was expecting. As all the other times before, I prayed all the way to the hospital. I prayed for the girl, I prayed for the family I would meet and try to comfort, I prayed for me that I would say the right words and that God would be with me.

The scene when I got to the hospital still is with me today. The girl I will call M, was all alone and she was broken outside and in. She was a beautiful young woman who now lived on the street. When I told her who I was and sat with her, I saw a bleeding crying young woman who needed an advocate-not a hard street person. She was someone’s daughter. She began to talk to me and told me she had not eaten at all that day. I walked out and asked for food for her. They brought a sandwich and she cried. She said I was hoping I could have Turkey and a hot meal. I again went out and said can she please get a hot plate with some Turkey and dressing-before I walked out I prayed. In 20 minutes they brought a tray with hot Turkey and dressing and all the fixings. She cried and asked me if I was an angel. I stayed with her all night -the reason she has a drug problem is she also had some mental illness problems. The hospital personnel told me she had been in before, not for rape, they told me she came from a good family and she had nursing training , but now her family had a do not call in her file.She actually was suicidal that night so they admitted her.I could not bring myself to leave her and I treated her like she was my daughter in that bed- I talked to her and rubbed her hand- I even sang to her to try to get her to rest. When I left her that night –I prayed so hard for her. I knew I might never see her again.

God had other plans-three weeks later the police were bringing a victim to the shelter- the door opened and I heard a scream-it was M. The face was broken again , but she was so happy to see me. Her physical wounds began to heal, but she was spiraling downward. The person who had beat her up after she got out of the hospital had stole her belongings along with the prescription she needed to help her depression and mental problems. They said without her meds she could not stay at the shelter. I put her in my red VW Beetle and said we are going to the hospital and get a copy of that prescription. Everyone said with no identification the hospital would not give us a narcotic prescription. I told M God can make a way when there seems to be no way. I prayed with her right there and walked in that hospital-went to where they said to go, the girl behind the desk said sorry we can’t. We sat in the chair across from her window and prayed again. I walked back to the window and asked to see her supervisor –I explained everything- how I had been her advocate the first night- the dates , the details and how she could not stay at the shelter and get help without the meds. She said wait here. Five minutes later –she came back with the copy. We got in my bug-I gave God the glory-drove to the pharmacy I had found who would fill it  and in time she thrived-even going to church with other ladies and she was saved soon after that.  I wish I could say I know where she is today and that she is doing well, I hope one day in heaven I see her or here if God allows it. The reason this is a pay it forward story is because that’s why I did it, because someone had done it for me before and I was paying forward.

We can do no great things -only small things with great love. Mother Teresa

Be blessed!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

l_b04fc674941e0fda453af81e0e850ab1  ATT00163

july 2008 002

The latest of my Greatest!!!!

Be blessed!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pay it Forward is coming…

Start today and practice Random Acts of Kindness.

A random act of kindness is a purportedly selfless act performed by a person or persons wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual or in some cases even an animal. There will generally be no reason other than to make people smile, or be happier. Either spontaneous or planned in advance, random acts of kindness are encouraged by various communities. An oft-cited example of a random act of kindness is, when paying the toll at a toll booth on a highway, to pay the toll for the vehicle behind you as well. Go to a fast food restaurant and pay the person behind you’s  tab.

On my 100th post I will start a Pay It Forward of small gifts-possibly a devotional book or something that will brighten someone’s life and bring a smile, then we will try to keep track of how it goes.

It almost feels like a caress from Heaven when you receive an unexpected kindness. Like in that moment God smiled on you and used someone else to administer a tiny thoughtful gift. James 1:17 says:

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

In the next couple of days please leave me a comment with a random act of kindness you have received. Or leave comments with one you have done that blessed you. Please share and let’s prepare to PAY IT FORWARD!

Be blessed!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An award- show some love- 100 coming

I got an award from sweet Krissy-(who’s doing week long give-aways ) so go give her some love.

She gave me a sweet blog award-


Fine print of the award:
Instructions on how to pass this along.1. on your blog, copy and paste the award, these rules, a link back to the person who selected you, and a link to this post: "Pink is my favorite color...". There's a story of Pink Rose Award and other graphic to choose from.2. Select as many award recipients as you would like, link to their blogs(if they have one), and explain why you have chose them.3. Let them know that you have selected them for an award by commenting on one of their posts.4. If you are selected, pass it on by giving the Pink Rose Award to others.5. If you find that someone you want to nominate has already been selected by someone else, you can still honor them by posting a comment on their award post stating your reasons for wishing to grant them the award.6. You do not have to wait until someone nominates you to nominate someone else.

I would like to nominate:

1. ASHLEY-my oldest daughter for finding time occasionally to blog and raise my grandbabies so well.

2.Whitney- my baby girl at Roll Tide –who has done her first post-hop over and show her some love please-help break her in and feel the love!

3. LeAnn- A sweet blogger who had Pink Icing on the Cake and now has changed to For the love of cottage and some sweet inspiration.

4. Valerie- the sweet girl who started all this for me and I love and she needs some good prayers this week as she has some life changes happening.

5. Teresa-she’s new at blogging too and she needs some love so go check her out and encourage.

Remember that Pay it Forward is coming…


My 100 post will be here soon –very soon- so if you have any questions you want to ask –send them my way.

Remember GOD is good all the time-all the time God is good!

Be blessed!


Thoughts for this Monday

I have been revived! We are having Revival meetings at our church-every Monday night this month.Tonight the Minister spoke on knowing God- that He is Holy, that God Has compassion, that our eternity is a done deal. But God is calling us to repent, especially Christians . We are living phony lives with secret sin. This was very thought provoking and makes you desire to pray the verses from Psalm 139-

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart;
       test me and know my anxious thoughts.

24 See if there is any offensive way in me,
       and lead me in the way everlasting.

The music was true worship-I was there with my SS sista’s.  I truly heard from God! It was sweet.

Next, we went out to my car and two of my friends had ridden with me-they had hopped in my car when I was going to love on one of my friends and it sounded like a mini explosion and we looked up and fire was reigning down from the big parking lot lights. The fire lasted about a minute then the big metal casing fell on my hood and dented it. I was yelling at the girls in my car to move the car. Glass was everywhere and we did not know if there was anymore stuff falling. When all was said and done the Pastor and the visiting minister came walking out and I said the light blew up and there was fire-there was still smoke-the visiting minister never missed a beat-He said I told Ya’ll to repent! It was comical. But you never know -maybe God was trying to get our attention.

Just a little something to think about….

Be blessed!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some Weekend Housekeeping or Blogkeeping

Dear friends,

I want to share some things on this lovely Saturday morning. One I have my 100 post coming up and I want to do something very special so get ready because I am going to start a payitforward. If you’ve read my profile, that movie is one of my favorites and I found this going on at some other blogs –so in honor of my 100th post  I will start one -details coming in my 100th post. Get ready!

Also, I want to thank a sweet wonderful lady who I cherish for her blog-she’s one of the ladies I would love to meet-maybe I will someday. She is a precious lady of God and a Pastor’s wife-Kelli. She gave me this Undeserved Award and said the nicest things about me!


Lastly, as I was reading my regular blogs I came across this at Jennifer’s-she posted this video-it made me smile cos it’s really a song saying my name over and over:o) Enjoy

Okay- Have a good Saturday -

Spend some time with loved ones and get ready for tomorrow-The Lord’s day!!!

Be blessed!untitled

Hints for a Happy Friendship

I told you before I love lists and we’ve talked about relationships-my kids have always said Momma you have many good friends. I love verses about friendship-and I have always studied books about friendship-The Friendships of Women by Dee Brestin for one.

Today I really want to share some hints on friendship I found in the book-Life’s Little Handbook of Wisdom. They are true and helpful.

1. Make friends even if you don’t think you need them.

2. Seek out quiet people. They have a lot to say, if you say something first.

3. Don’t establish a friendship on mutual dislikes.

4. Call if you are running late.

5. Look people in the eye when you talk to them.

6. Be one who says positive things about others.

7. Learn to tell a good story.

8. Ask other people about themselves.

9. Be happy for others in their good fortune.

10. Make sure your caring includes doing.

11. Know when to say good-bye.

I try to remember these hints and use them in relating with my friends. When I have done or said something that does not promote good friendship, I am thankful God stirs my conscience to work and make it right.

Happy friendships and be blessed!untitled