Saturday, August 30, 2008

25 ways to find Joy - Joy is the best make-up

You know I love lists and I love joy. Last night I watched The Bucket List for the 4th time.(I spent the night with my best friend –what fun) One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when Carter(Morgan Freeman) asks Edmund  (Jack Nickolson) if he has known joy and without out blinking he says yes, then he asks if he has spread joy to others. And He could not answer yes.

I want to be a joy spreader. Mine comes from within because I know God loves me more than anyone can-but sometimes we need help being joyful so hence my list. I found these from the Natural Health magazine- see joy keeps you healthier -another added bonus!


1 Create ambiance. For tonight's dinner, put out your best linens, create a centerpiece, or simply light a candle. A festive setting makes for a festive mood.

2 Get outside. Whenever you feel bored, antsy, or gloomy, go for a walk. The fresh air, changing scenery, and exercise will boost your mood.

3 Bow out gracefully. The next time you argue with someone, be the first person to relent and acknowledge the other person's point of view. You'll both be smiling sooner.

4 Hit the sack sooner. Go to bed an hour early tonight. Tomorrow, you'll wake up with a brighter outlook.

5 Build someone's future. Volunteer with a local charity. To find a nonprofit or tax-exempt organization near you, visit

6 Buy something beautiful. Place a small but exquisite painting, handmade vase, or other piece of art prominently in your home. Admire it often.

7 Take lessons. When you were a kid, did you always want to try horseback riding or sailing? Do you wish you could take up a hobby, like knitting or piano playing? Now is the time to learn how. Hobbies are fun and relieve stress. Look for appropriate schools in the phone book.

8 Add greenery. Adorn your desk and kitchen counter with cut flowers, houseplants, or potted herbs. Plants are proven mood enhancers.

9 Know you're loved. There's no greater joy.

10 Look to the heavens. Whenever you have a chance to relax under the stars, do it. Gazing at the night sky makes you feel more connected to the world.

11 Relish a juicy read. When you start a book and know that it's going to be good, take a moment to enjoy the tingling in your toes.

12 Revel in simplicity. Buy a single rose, tulip, or gerber daisy. Admire the color and shape of the petals and remember how beautiful life can be.

13 Awaken your Inner Julia Child. Create a dish without a recipe from just the ingredients in your pantry. Discover your creative power.

14 Care for yourself. Gently brush your hair or massage your scalp every night before you go to bed. This simple ritual will relax you.

15 Keep in touch. Write a friend. Use your best pen and beautiful stationery. Realize that you are actually sending love.

16 Start a tea party. Schedule a regular tea date with your friends and honor it like any other appointment. During stressful weeks you'll have something fun to look forward to.

17 Redo a room. Paint a bureau, a door, four walls, or even a ceiling anything but white. A new color brings change and beauty into your life quickly and with little effort.

18 Crack yourself up. Conjure up the funniest movie scene you know or a silly true story starring yourself. Laugh out loud.

19 Sleep in. Allow yourself at least one lazy weekend morning a month.

20 Take a detour. Stray from your usual route. Be stimulated by new neighborhoods and people, and appreciate the challenge of finding your way home.

21 Bear gifts. Keep little presents like scented candles or homemade jams on hand. Offer them to friends for no reason in particular. When you give to others, the world seems more generous.

22 Make a joyful book. Fill a small album with photos and stories that evoke your happiest memories.

23 Plan a picnic. Call some friends and then pack fresh fruit, sandwiches, and maybe a bottle of wine. While away the afternoon under the shade of a tree.

24 Play the game "New or Good." At the end of each day, ask your partner to tell you about one new or good experience. Then offer your own response. Maybe you noticed blooming roses or a bluebird in your backyard, or your cranky neighbor smiled.

25 Send birthday joy. For their birthdays, write your friends letters recounting favorite memories or telling them what they mean to you. Hint that you like receiving mail, too.

Be blessed!



Life on the farm... said...

I like the one about lighting candles..I haven't done that in years!

It's All Good! said...

That's a great list and so simple! I like the 'crack yourself up' one! I love to laugh.
Have a great week.
Brenda :)

Valarie said...

#4 Valarie should have read this about an hour ago, because she did not go to bed early. She was up watching The Sound of Music, but it did give here joy to watch it and to know that Syd watched it and sang the songs. :) Ok I am going to bed now. :}

Well Behaved Krissy said...

hugs lorie! Just send the cards via one of the girls and we'll take care of them for ya :)

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