Sunday, August 10, 2008

100th post-Pay it Forward- Yada yada

Dear Friends,

I thank you for reading My Pay it Forward Story yesterday. I did not write it for any praise or kind words for myself. I really don’t deserve them. I wrote it for several reasons.

1. I was answering the only question I was written in my comments-

Blogger jennifer said...

Question for post 100...
Have you ever been shown something great that came out of your ride along ministry? Maybe a success story or even just seeing someone out in public looking like they were thriving?
I know that God will reveal to you one day how you have touched lives, but I wonder if you have seen some of this already.
Also, what is your favorite flavor of home made ice cream?

2.I  wanted to do something different for my 100th post than tell ya’ll 100 things about me that I can’t even think up!

3.I wanted to do a Pay it Forward giveaway- where we all spread the love. I found some new ways, I will share with you in a minute.

4. I wanted to give God the glory- he took something painful  and hard in my life and allowed me to use it for good! How awesome is that!

5. If I was going to do a 100 things about me-the recurring theme would be God is Good- He loves us more than anyone- He answers prayer- he gives us Grace- He wants us to share it-We should be using everything we have to His benefit-the good and the bad.

I love Him- I hope all that came through in my Pay it Forward story. Enough said.


So now-My favorite flavor of ice cream is Pralines and Cream!

We have a Pay it Forward to get started!


They usually go in threes so here is my three requests.

1.To my first three ( okay 10)commenter's I will be sending a gift- it will be something along the lines of a devotional book or something- then you pay it forward –Post this picture and my link  on your blog and we will see what happens. I will need your emails so we can exchange addresses.

2. My blog friend Shauna-she created my pretty blog-

she has a sister who is now in prison. The story is one we probably all face in our lives with a loved one. Shauna has written about it and  she has started a blog for her. Go read it and share God’s love in any way you are able, be it a written encouragement or a gift. The blog is Randi’s Reality. It will bless her and bless you to be a part. Please let me know if you are participating in this part also.

3. So many people face sickness and hardship and as I stated before – prayer works. Please go to another blog friends blog-Reva at Gifting each day- let her know you will be in prayer for her and her son. Let us always be found faithful in lifting each other up and share when we have a prayer concern.

So-That’s my 3 ways of Paying it Forward- get with me People!

Let me hear back from you- lets see if we can spread this.

Thank you for every comment and kind word in my first 100 posts- they were blessings to me. I hope I have several hundred more in me-maybe not in a few months time like my buddy Jennifer though- she rocks-I don’t know why I’m telling you though-she is so popular all my peeps already read her!

Be blessed this sweet Lord’s day!

Have I told you lately that I love you…because He first loved me.



Shauna said...

Thanks so much Lorie! I love your encouragement and commitment to prayer! Such and example. Thanks for including Randi in this post!

Love you,


Mike Golch said...

Lorie, I want to thank you for you great comitment to Our Heavenly father and living you ligfe that way he wants you to. I'm trying to live up to his espectations of me as well Hugs and His Blessings and Love.

Anonymous said...

Will be sure to send encouragement to those you mentioned. There certainly is a hurting world out there. God bless you, Barbie

Debbie said...

You have started me thinking each day of things I can do that may make a difference. It can be as easy as letting someone in front of you (at lunch, on the parkway, etc). Your request are simple yet will touch each life in great ways. Love You!

Life on the farm... said...

Okay... I'm ready

Valarie said...

I love this idea of the pay it forward. It has gotten me thinking lately of all the ways we can do that.

Love Ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie,
You are such an inspiration. I am trying to become the woman of God he made me to be. Thanks for being such a blessing.


Dawn said...

Great idea, Lorie!

Will post the button tomorrow... I'm not changing anything today as the current post is a tribute to my sweet husband and our anniversary. Come by if you'd like to see some pictures of my late-80's BIG hair!

Blessings! Dawn

jennifer said...

You are just the sweetest woman. A woman after God's own heart.

I will copy and paste the button to my side bar and make it link to you. I am thinking about the concept of paying it forward now. Praying about it too.

Have you ever heard the Ron Kenoli Song ... "If you can use anything Lord you can use me... Take my hands Lord and my feet. Touch my heart Lord, speak through me. If you can use anything Lord, come on and use me...." I think pay it forward can be that simple.

Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my son. This morning was rough and I can hardly wait to get him home. God has not brought us this far to just drop us on our ear. We are going to search out the blessing and in all things, give thanks.

Love you Lorie!


Well Behaved Krissy said...

HI! I'm having a hard time getting your button to post on my site. I'll keep trying. I will talk to Val today and see if yall want to come to a "pre-garage sale" haha! :) Seriously, I'm cool with that. Lots of stuff out there and priced already, Im going up into the attic today to get holiday stuff.

I'm working on your pay it forward mission. I'm trying to find some way to work it into my college class this semester. :)

My husband and kids are coming to the kickoff tonight and I'll send your cool coffee board with Val or April. I have to go to a stupid meeting. GRRR...