Friday, November 20, 2009

I’ve been Feathering my Nest;o)

I told ya’ll I’d get around to taking some pictures and showing you some things my sis-in law and I’ve been doing. When I say we’ve been doing –I mean she is the seamstress –I am the picker outer of fabrics etc.

Let’s see if you can tell anything from my pics…

House -nov 2009 002

I have to tell you-these are Better Homes and Garden panels from Walmart –but I love them in my room.

Did you notice my Cross collection-I love my Cross Wall.

House -nov 2009 001

My living room is Lorie style-not designer style but it is comfortable.

House -nov 2009 003

House -nov 2009 004

Next to it –is the Dining Room! I love my new curtains and my recovered chairs we did .

House -nov 2009 005

House -nov 2009 006

House -nov 2009 007

My foyer got some attention with window treatments and it iswhere I welcome all my guests-well, most of my friends are backdoor guests but my foyer is nice.(Its awaiting the 9 foot Christmas tree that’s coming)

House -nov 2009 009

House -nov 2009 022

I love this wall that connects the foyer and the living room…

 House -nov 2009 011

Now the kitchen-I love my kitchen curtains!

House -nov 2009 017

House -nov 2009 018

House -nov 2009 013

House -nov 2009 019

My sweet Sunday school class got me the Beautiful Feed on the Word Dinnerware-take a closer look..

House -nov 2009 020

and this is where I sit to knit scarves, watch TV, read your blogs, Read the bible. My chair!

House -nov 2009 023

Come and visit-we’ll have a cup of Coffee!

Be blessed!



Anonymous said...

Girl, what has taken you soooo long showing us pics of your gorgeous home??? Don't you love the BH&G collection at Walmart? And I LOVE the fabric on your dining chairs, just beautiful. Thanks for finally showing us!!


Brenda said...

Then Lorie must be a designer! Beautiful. Love your cross wall too.

~~ said...

I lovr the nice, warm colours...and the blk/white in the kitchen...'will see it soon ...

Anonymous said...

I love! love! love! your kitchen curtains!

Maree said...

Wow!! Gorgeous!

Wanted to stop in say hey! and wish you and yours avery Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

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