Friday, November 20, 2009

Another week bites the dust…

Today was my Friday at work~yippee. It means another week has come and gone and we are even closer to the holidays. I’ve said it before “Time flies when your having fun-I better be careful because I have alot of fun coming up. Lets see, starting with this weekend- I’m going off to Nashville with my girlfriends from High school. We are going to shop~watch a Movie~Eat~shop some more ~stay up late~laugh-celebrate the last one of us  to turn 50~did I mention Eat & shop! Next, comes a very short work week-then TURKEY DAY-what a fun day –family –food-remembrance of all we have been blessed with-more food and family. I can’t wait!! That brings us to next weekend and Tree trimming time with Juju and Barbie. I love putting up our decorations together.

Then a few weeks after that comes GRADUATION-My Bama Princess graduates from the University of Alabama! It seems like just yesterday I was crying wondering how I ‘d get her there.

Oh, I skipped right over the first week end in December which will bring the Rockettes in Nashville, then our Christmas Musical at church –which I always look forward to because I really know it’s the season then.

Any body tired yet?

How about a few scenes from my last few weeks….

2009 915

I love my Ryder boy-I’ve been missing him so bad. I don’t get to see him nearly enough! He turns 2 on December 10th. I can’t believe it!

2009 903

2009 922

Abby is 1o months old and starting to walk!

2009 1029

Meme loves her very much~there’s nothing like the feeling of joy and peace of holding your sweet baby.

2009 924

Anna is my sweet –wants to hang with Meme, mischievous little angel.

2009 973  

She had her first cheerleading competition last weekend and a double ear infection too.

2009 930

Emma-lounging at Meme’s!

2009 925

She is so smart-she can read really well-chapter books –and she just started Kindergarten.

2009 1045

My cup runneth over!

Be blessed!



~~ said...
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~~ said...

oops on my last post...
sounds like fun, fun, fun...
sweet pictures of your honies.

Anonymous said...

Your cup does runneth over. I can't wait until I become a grandma...well I do have my granddog Murphy and I am crazy about him so I can only imagine when my kids have kids!! You are going to be one busy lady. Blessings to you.