Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On my Wall I have a Cross

In my living room on my wall I have a cross collection. I have 40 something crosses of all shapes and sizes. Someone once walked into my house and asked me if I was scared of Vampires_ I had to laugh cos' I don't believe in them. The cross is much more to me. It is the place of the greatest act of love our lives have ever known. The cross is a symbol of God's greatest gift. It's a symbol that God is able-he's able to give much more than we are. We can't give up trivial things for Him-yet He gave his precious son for us. Round my neck there is a chain that holds a cross given to me by my precious son-I can't imagine at all giving him up for anyone.

We should be more active in sharing the Cross with others=at least the message of the cross- God sent His son to save the world so NOONE would be lost. Share it with someone and give their heart a lift to know LOVE in the Greatest way.


Valarie said...

Guess What??? Lil Logan asked Jesus into his heart last night!!! I came in the house and he told me Happy Birthday! I said ok but its not my Birthday and he said no I asked Jesus into my heart! I am so proud of him, and he has been acting exceptionally good since then also. :)

Lorie said...

How wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is a super kid and now even more so.
So are you proud of me so far? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Valarie said...

I think you are doing great! I am very proud of you, a like you new background. Thats the same one I started with. I am getting someone to design me a new one. I am excited to see what its gonna look like. I thought of another blog you might like to read sometimes. Its my nephews in Texas. He has bee writing some pretty good devotions.

Also so more people can see your blog you can participate in what they call "Carnivals". I do one called "Fight the Frump" I do it on Fridays over at FussyPant's place.

wondermommy said...

You are so right about sharing Jesus...we all need to do it more.

Aya said...

Keep up the good work.