Monday, April 7, 2008


My Sunday school class often laughs at me because as we are studying God's word I will say "this is one of my favorite verses" or I will tell them of a favorite song and they will say how many favorites do you have? So here's a list of my favorite things for real.
Favorite Book- the Bible - yes that's the book for me.
Favorite day of the week- Sunday- the day of rest and family, also Church day
Favorite food- If you know me at all-its Mexican
Favorite Movie- Gone with the Wind
Favorite time of day-evening
Favorite smell- A baby's skin or on me Warm Vanilla Sugar
Favorite season- Spring (when everything is new again)
Favorite pastime- being with people you love
Favorite passions- cooking-Blogging-reading
Favorite lipstick- red (like my Granny Lib)
Favorite TV Channel- Food network
Favorite quote-We can do no great things only small things with great love-Mother Teresa
Favorite bible verse- all of them written in black and red
Favorite song- I love music like I love laughter- it's necessary
Favorite beverage- Diet coke with lemon
Favorite color- Red
Favorite emotion- Joy
Favorite thing to hear - I love you (MeMe)
I only put things on this list that basically don't change.
So tell me whats your favorite...

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Valarie said...

Your my favorite Sunday School Teacher. :)