Friday, April 18, 2008

One Friday at One of our Favorite Places

My precious little Emma wanted to go to the Hair salon with MeMe and get her 2nd haircut- MeMe was getting the monthly overhaul- losing the head full of gray-and I do mean full of gray.

She had beautiful long curls and Mommy and Daddy said she could cut her hair if that was what she wanted and boy did she want it.
She loved the shampoo like a big girl.
It really feels so good to lay back and have your head massaged and shampooed.Did I forget to mention that I have great hair and its all because my best friend is my hair dresser. She keeps me gorgeous- in the hair department anyway- and I always try to send her new customers. My best friend's name is Barbara -I call her Barbie. She gave my son his first haircut about 24 years ago and we have been through a lot over the years. Her grandson Thomas is Emma's boyfriend. They are getting married when they grow up. They have dates every Thursday night. See how cute they are!So when Barbie gets my color on (sorry no pictures of that -you don't need the scare) she sets to work cutting my little punkins hair. Emma calls Barbie MeMaw Barbara and she loves to go to the shop with me. Barbie usually paints her nails and toenails. Look how happy they both look-Emma to be getting her hair cut and Barbie because she loves her job and her future granddaughter -in- love.

Barbie's shop is such a cool place everybody loves it-when you walk in the door it smells like home. She has an Aveda salon. She sells lots of cool stuff there like candles, jewelry, purses, even Scripture china called Feed On the Word.

It's truly a happy place filled with 5 awesome hair stylists (one of them is Laura, her daughter, Thomas' Mommy )some people call magicians -because you come in feeling blah and you leave singing I'm too sexy for my stuff ..... Scuse me I'm digressing.

Look at my little baby doll she is so happy -she loves this new cut. She actually wanted it shorter but this is enough for right now. She looks the way I do when Barbie gets through with me-happy as can be.
If you ask me this haircut makes her look a little older and MeMe is not ready for that just yet. I want her to stay young and love spending the night with me and need me for lots of things.

I'll just have to keep loving her and spending quality time with her EVERDAY like I do now and we'll always be close.
I know every crow thinks theirs is the blackest, but isn't she a little beauty?


Mike Golch said...

Lorie,you had asked my help with mr linky.I'm don't know that much about it.But if you go to my posting that Has where I gave the wind beneath my wings award the Hope or mary maybe one of those ladies can help you better than I can.

The Southern Mom said...

Awwww...what a doll-baby, she's gonna be a heartbreaker! Don't you love it when they're that age and such little things like getting their toenails painted or a haircut makes them the happiest? I must be in my second childhood, because it makes me the happiest too!

Valarie said...

She is such a sweetie pie :)

Jennifer said...

she does look so grown-up! so adorable.

I like your new look!