Friday, April 11, 2008

My Thursday was Special

I want to share some of the bright spots of my Thursday with you. I work as the Activities Coordinator at our local Senior Center. I get to play most days with fun seniors and plan great classes and functions for them-On Thursdays I have special plans for them-the first Thursday afternoon of the month we have a Tea and Chocolates party, complete with china tea cups hand painted by our china painting class-(I'll post a picture soon of some) I cook and fix wonderful party food and they love it- it is fun to see all different kinds of people sitting down together and sharing over refreshments. So the second Thursday of each month I show a new release DVD with a projector on a big screen and have refreshments. Yesterday the local movie theater gave me movie popcorn and of course I had chocolate to go with it. I showed the movie "August Rush". I love that movie-it is a great movie for music lovers, love story people and a good feel good when its over movie. Yesterday the seniors clapped when it was through and I saw a sweet little man wipe his face. So driving home on the bright sun shiny spring day my daughter calls and says will I watch Anna my almost two year old grandgirl who's napping, while she takes Emma to gymnastics. I say I guess if I have to...When I get there Emma is ecstatic to see me and asks me to take her to gymnastics and watch her. I loved watching my 4 year old angel learn cartwheels and bendovers and etc.We leave there and I take her with me to a dear friends house for a party she is having to raise money for a mission trip. Emma is a perfect angel. Next we head to the local Mexican restaurant where every Thursday I meet my two best friends and all their families that can come to eat. It's always a fun time of laughter, grandkids, love and my favorite... Mexican food. My best friend's grandson Thomas is 4 and he and Emma say they are going to get married when they get bigger. As we pull up at the restaurant Emma says "Meme, when I meet Thomas at the restaurant its called a date." I smile and watch those sweet babies have a wonderful date over a bowl of cheese dip. They laugh and hug all night and feed each other-looks like a great date to me. Thomas and his Dad even walked us out to the car to make sure we leave safely. As I drive away from the Casa Ole' Emma says " MeMe, I love Thursdays because it's date night and I love Wednesdays cos its church night and pizza night" I say Thank you God because I love all these special nights with precious memories of that which is important. Oh yeah- I forgot to tell you that we all held hands and Emma blessed the food with her sweet prayer , then not be out done Thomas wanted to pray, so our food was double blessed...maybe that's what made it even better....then both my little baby girls came to spend the night with MeMe and Papa. My cup runneth over!


He Knows My Name said...

thanks for stopping by lorie. i never met a activities coordinator i didn't like. my aunt was in a nursing home. you really mean so much to those people and i see they mean allot to you too. what special times with your grand daughter!!! i am looking forward to as many of these moments as i can get. i'll stop in again.


Valarie said...

Emma is so cute! I think its sweet that they are having "date night".

jennifer said...

I haven't seen August Rush yet but your reccomendation makes me want to go right out and get it!


Jubilee on Earth said...

My ex-mom-in-law was an activities coordinator for an independent living facility. She was great at it! I loved watching her put things together, and hear about how well they were received. What a rewarding job! I LOVED August Rush. A little cheesy and not completely believable, but a sweet, hopeful, happy movie nonetheless.

Have a great weekend!