Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grandbabies= Heaven on earth

You become a Mom and you think this is wonderful. Life goes by and you are busy with bottles, books, games, naps, dinner, homework, ballgames, laughter , tears, first dates, first wrecks, grades and birthdays. You wake up one day and all that has passed and you get to start it all over again. BUT this time you are older and wiser and you realize the little things are really the big things and even the smell of a baby's neck is more important than what you do or don't get done that day.
You cherish each morning you wake up to that sweet baby stretching next to you in the bed .
You drive home from a hectic day tired as you can be and you wonder when is the next moment I can get my arms around a 10-40 pound little human being.
You feel like everyday you could be a subject for a kleenex commercial because every little thing they do and say is important and you want to save it in a file in your head and just being around them makes your tear glands super sensitive!
You go to sleep saying thank you God for blessing me and you wake up the next day and say the same thing again.
Mostly you smell each little smell, hear each little sound they make and you think my cup runneth over!

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Valarie said...

I'm proud of you that you are blogging. Now I have someone else to talk too about this stuff. I got my friend April H. doing a blog now and April D. They are both under my "Go Here". April D hasn't blogged in awhile though. I am gonna have to get onto her.