Sunday, April 13, 2008

Holy Experience: Gift List

Holy Experience: Gift List

So I have shared that my grandkids and family are gifts, but I will now become intentional on my blog and dedicate several days a week to listing in journal form gifts I am thankful to God for.
Today I am thankful for thirty plus years friendships and the not often enough get away together to share and unwind. I'm thankful for pizza dinners, lakehouses, movies, talking to 3am, waking to the sound of birds chirping, friends talking and the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I am thankful for good hearty breakfasts together and unconditional love....I'm thankful for each person's uniqueness and how we are all different yet we form a wonderful circle of friendship, caring, accepting and loving. I'm thankful for strawberries, chocolate and cheese, girlfriend dip and pedicures. I'm thankful for hotel rooms and shopping trips and generosity. I'm thankful for the open heart and listening ears and beauty of each face. I'm thankful for the families we've shared, the songs we love, the help we've given each other. I'm thankful for the high school that brought us together, the parents that raised us. I'm thankful for the trouble we got out of, the messes we got into, and the ladies we've grown up to be. I'm most thankful for God's grace that has seen us through stupid mistakes, loss of loved ones, end of marriages, lasting marriages, abuse and heartaches. Thank you God for Tink, Lisa, Melinda and Trina. Thank you that we are growing and that Kathy, Susan and Sondra have joined us.


Jubilee on Earth said...

This was beautiful!!!! I loved reading that. You should have that professionally printed and framed to put on your wall at home.

God bless!

Jubilee on Earth

Valarie said...

Awww that was great! You did a wonderful job on that and I agree that would be a really great thing to frame and maybe give to them also. :)