Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy 100th blog to you Valarie Lea

For she's a jolly good blogger, for she's a jolly good blogger, for she's a jolly good blogger -which nobody can deny. I am proud that my beautiful Friend has reached a milestone in blog world.

I am thankful that she hooked me with her humor and her life experiences.

This just might be another post to go in my continuing 1000 gifts posts-

Because Valerie is one of my precious gifts from my Heavenly Father.

She is a faithful sweet member of my Sunday School class. She does kind unexpected things, like Extreme Makeover of our SS room along with one of my other precious peeps Melinda. She opened her home countless times to not only our class but our husbands class too and she was the hostess with the mostest. We have studied Gods word together , we have lived through a weekend with a passel of 8th grade lil' darlings and most recently she has lovingly introduced me to a whole new world of friends and an outlet that I'm loving-YOU- the world of bloggers. Did I tell you she patiently sat and helped me work out some of my questions about Blogville!( 2 hours on a Sunday evening to be exact)

I still remember the first time she came to my house-she was having a come-apart (over paint colors for her Home Makeover) and our mutual friend Melinda said go to Lories with me -she will feed you and make you feel better-I hope I did - Have I mentioned that I love her . Oh and she has since gotten so much better at paint choosing and decorating dilemmas thanks to her friends out there on the blog....

She is a wonderful mother- a fashion statement at all times and a precious sweet Christian sister and friend.

Thank you God for Valerie Lea from Tennessee now in Alabama. Here's you a lil' gift for you from me!

May we have many more wonderful times and meet lots of new friends and I can't wait for our road trip to meet some of our friends out there on the blog!

I don't know but I've been told -someone out there has her 100th blog.

She's a creative gal with camera and words, she even takes pictures of big old birds.

Sound off 1-2 sound off 3-4 Bring it on down ya'll , Happy 100th blog to you!


Valarie said...

Awwww Thank You so much, You made me cry. :) That was so sweet! I love you too and you did make me feel better with my paint crisis. I knew from that moment on we would be very good friends. :)

Mike Golch said...

Lorie,saw that you visited me so I'm returning the favor.
I hit my 100th blog last month.