Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Are you a Gifter?

I love gifts, doesn't everyone. I especially love gifts that don't cost anything. Like when someone you love writes you a note and tells you things they like about you, or someone says they love to spend time with you, or even that invitation for a meal shared is a gift without great cost. I watched the Big Give and thought about if I had great resources would I use them to the best of my ability. I want to practice it is better to give than receive. I love the feeling you get when you do something for others. I found a list of 20 gifts to give- this list was written by Charles Swindoll in The Finishing Touch. See if you have given any of these lately. Search your heart and see if you need to gift someone . I warn you the cost is not monetary.
Twenty Gifts to Give
1. Mend a quarrel.
2. Seek out a forgotten friend.
3. Hug someone tightly and whisper, "I love you so".
4. Forgive an enemy.
5. Be gentle and patient with an angry person.
6. Express appreciation.
7. Gladden the heart of a child.
8. Find the time to keep a promise.
9. Make or bake something for someone else . Even anonymously.
10. Speak kindly to a stranger.
11. Enter into another's sorrow.
12. Smile. Laugh a little. Laugh a little more.
13. Take a walk with a friend.
14. Kneel down and pat a dog.
15. Lessen your demands on others.
16. Apologize if you were wrong.
17. Turn off the television and talk.
18. Pray for someone who has helped you in a time of need.
19. Give a soft answer even though you feel strongly.
20. Encourage an older person.
I told you this list would not cost you monetarily, but some of these are not things that come easily for some people. Move out of your comfort zone and gift others each day. Jesus said in Acts 20:35 "It is more blessed to give than to receive." One of my alltime "favorite" verses is Luke 6:38 where Jesus tells us The way I interpret that is like when we measure sugar for a recipe we just pour it in a cup, when we measure brown sugar we pack it in there and it ends up being way more than just the poured amount or when we beat whipping cream the amount after we beat all that air in looks like alot more, so what we get back is going to be overflowing and more than we can hold- Could you stand that? I'd like to try!
I want to be known as a good gifter. I'm going to keep on trying.
Thank you dear one for reading me today.
Be blessed!


Reva said...

I am so in touch with what you said. I am all about gifting each day of ourselves with those we care about. I also lost a son many years ago and learned what it is to really give when people from my church gave what I needed most. Some came and cleaned our house before the funeral. Some fixed food. The pastor listened instead of talking while we were at the hospital before our son died. He didn't try to patronize or tell me how God loved us or how things would turn out ok, he just listened. I read an article once about a woman who's husband died. A man she didn't even know came to the house and offered to polish shoes for them for the funeral. This was way back when spit shined shoes for everyone was the norm. It was a simple kindness that meant so much to her and she passed the same favor on to others in later years. Simple little things can mean so much to someone. Thanks for your ideas in gifting to others.

Mrs. Romero said...

Thanks for posting your SITS button! What an inspiring post!

Check out site everyday to support the featured blogger!

linda said...

Thank you for this gentle reminder today. I try to be a giver, and I truly think I am, but there is always room for improvement. I will be with friends this weekend and I'm going to look for ways to use some of the ideas on your list...thank you.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for this Wonderful post to remind us what it important.It is one powerful message.
I hope that you are haveing a Great day today,That's mt story and I'm sticking to it.

It's All Good! said...

It's so true that some of these are much harder than giving monetarily. Forgiveness is one. Especially when you've been seriously wronged. Thank God He helps me to be able to forgive!
Great list to set as goals.
Have a nice Sunday.
Brenda :)