Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I am blogging with my Peeps

Tonight I’m at JuJu’s with Valarie, Melinda, Princess Kerry and April-fitness Nazi just arrived. We are learning new things ,Valerie is helping all of us and I am now using Windows Live Writer.003

We also celebrated  my sweet Melinda’s Birthday a week late, with Taco Salad, Homemade Caramel Cake,and Presents.008

Poor Valerie is running ragged helping all of us.020

April showed up and of course she didn’t eat but she’s learning with a little help from her friends.


Juju was sweet to open her home to all of us. We cooked the supper together and boogied before everybody got here. 


Princess Kerry is concentrating very hard-be sure and visit hers –she’s the newest blogger


Mute my music and enjoy this video-because I wanted ya’ll to know I have a funky side too.

Having fun with your girlfriends and helping each other is important.

Be blessed!



Life on the farm... said...

aww... I missed out... that looks fun!!!

Mike Golch said...

Looks like some one had a lotta fun! That's my story and believe you me I'm sticking to it.

Big Time hugs and God's blessings to your family drom my family

Anonymous said...

Well now didn't you guys all have fun. Happy 4th.


linda said...

How fun...a blogging party. You are so lucky to have friends close by that share this hobby with you! I only know one person in "real" life that has a blog and it's my mom. We set it all up for her when I was there visiting 2 weeks ago...we're still trying to get my sisters in on it too. Guess I'll just have to be relentless!

Becoming Me said...

Very fun!!

April said...

Look how much fun !! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Putz said...

i am hiding my head under a for the fourth of julypillow, hide hide hide instead of drive drive drive

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie,
Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Have a safe and blessed day.


jennifer said...

Lorie Honey, I just can't hardly wait to take some time to come and read and get caught up with you.

We are HERE and that means that soon (please Lord God, let it be soon) things will be back to normal.

And YES! I am hoping that you all will be coming to see me in the fall. Pretty Please?!!!

Looks like the blog party was a HIT!

Be blessed Lorie!