Monday, July 21, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears- My Weekend

I don't know where to start, so I guess I'll start with the sweat part-I spent the weekend moving my daughter from one apartment to another in T-Town. Did I mention the old apartment was upstairs, but praise God the new one was downstairs. Did I mention it felt 110 degrees the whole time? I could go on and on about the heat part and how this old gray mare ain't what she used to be. I tried to hang and do my fair share. I didn't especially love the cleaning part in both apartments. Can you envision the sweat part... load, unload, clean, load, move, load-hot truck!! Can I tell you one of the funniest sweat parts- prepare for laughter- on the trip down I kept thinking what a start, loading that truck at home it was hot, whoo, I wish I could cool down, wow, is the air not working in this truck? About halfway through the southern trip, I think my kingdom for an ice bath, when I begin to squirm on my seat and realize that when I moved it up to accomodate my short legs, I hit the butt warmer for those black leather seats and had it on high!!!!!!!!

I could now express a few of the tears part- I drove my husband's truck from our hometown with furniture loaded in it. It was a nice drive, not alot of traffic, possibly because the price of GAS. We also drove the truck to Greenville, Mississippi to pick up a free bedroom suite, then back to Tuscaloosa. Which made the weekend total on GAS a whopping $200.00. WAHHHH!!!But it is all worth it, because she is now one block from the Strip or University Blvd. and walking distance to class. She will have a great apartment for her Senior year. You walk out her door and see Bryant Denny Stadium-you can hear the game and smell the hotdogs from her front steps.

I am very proud of the young woman she is and the responsiblity she is showing. It was a joy to be with her all weekend. Her new fellow Adam was a trooper and helped us all weekend. Last night as I drove home, tired, stinky and with a hitch in my get along, I thought how fun it was to be with her and how proud I am of the daughter I have raised!

I got home, walked in, took a shower, brushed my teeth, put my gown on-wet hair and all, let's have a moment and then fall into bed. Then the phone rings.... It is my son-in love Donny, and I hear complete hysteria on the phone--this is more of the tears part ... My sweet baby ANNA has fallen and split her face wide open- I jump up , get clothes on and am waiting in the driveway when they bring Emma the oldest girl to our house and Anna says she wants Meme to go to the hospital with her. Papa keeps Emma and off we go. This is now the blood part, my sweet little Anna has about an inch gash from above her eyebrow, down into her eyelid. Her cheek is swelling and already turning purple. She fell off the couch head first onto a big popcorn tin, filled with toys and figurines and bent the can, that's how hard she fell. The trip to the ER was very rough for all of us. She had three stitches and that was not pleasant. We are so thankful she has no eye damage. My sweet little baby girl will now have a matching eyebrow scar like her mother and her MeMe. Ashley fell when she was little and has a scar through her eyebrow. I did mine a few years ago when we were moving into our house.

Boy, you have to love a weekend that is filled with so much excitement. It's almost more than one can handle. I like the group much more than the experience!!!!

Be blessed!


April said...

Nothing like a little drama to keep you young!!

BamaPrincess said...

i love you and i'm glad we got to spend time together this weekend... even through all the sweat. ;)

p.s. where did you find that picture of me??

Kerry said...

She is beautiful! Hope you get some rest this week. Tell Anna Princess Kerry is so proud or her for being such a brave big girl.

Kerry said...

I guess I should be more clear on who is beautiful. Whit Bomb, she is beautiful. Anna is too. She is gonna be Whitney all over again.
Love Yall

Adam said...

Thanks for all that you did this weekend. It was good to see you, and I know that I appreciate all of your help getting her moved.

Hope you like where that chair ended up after all that! Couldn't find a better spot for it.


Dawn said...

Who said weekends were for relaxing? (Not YOU! Ha!)

Glad everyone is okay!

Blessings to you all!!!

The Southern Mom said...

Glad that's over,huh? I'm really dreading the moving in, but like you, thankfully 'Bama Girl is on the first floor this year! Yeah!

Poor sweet baby...3 stiches? That was bad!

Teresa said...

Sorry about your hectic weekend. Just showin' some love.

Putz said...

joy and then some sorrow, isn't that the way it always is???you have a talent for writing the way you jumped up when you heard about your grands fall....loves