Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow, do you ever get too busy with good things?

Since Friday I have been one busy lady! Saturday morning we took my little Anna to the DR. She had an ear infection and croup. Then in the afternoon my oldest daughter took me to get a pedicure for Mothers Day. How wonderful it was! Saturday night I helped my best friend with a sit-down Relay for Life dinner. She sold 22 tickets at $25.00 each for an Italian Feast. Olive Garden donated bread sticks and salad dressing. We served the salad bowls at the table and wonderful Homemade Spaghetti with Meatballs and yummy Homemade Alfredo. We had Kahlua Triple Fudge cake with strawberries for desert. My other friend Judy and I sang the whole evening for the entertainment. It was a great night and made more than $500.00 for Relay for Life. If you want a fundraiser, this is a great one.
Next, Sunday, Mother's Day, was extra special. I was standing on the stage at Church-singing with our Praise Team when I looked at the door and saw my youngest daughter coming in. She surprised me. I cried! She is at University Of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and I hadn't seen her in about two months. She said she could not come home because they wouldn't let her off work. Then after church my daughters and husband and grandgirls took me to the Westin at Bridge Street, for a Mothers Day Brunch. I spent the rest of the day with my family.
Monday was busy at work, then I finally got to see my Mom and eat dinner with her-she had been out of town for the weekend.
Today, Tuesday we had our Older Americans Festival. Its huge, it's been going on for 24 years. About 3500 seniors came for games, entertainment, goody bags, and a picnic lunch. The weather was beautiful for it. People come from 5 counties of North Alabama. My day began at 6:30 am. I was in the goody bag tent. Boy, people love free stuff. I had alot of fun, I love Seniors. I am plum tired though!
I couldn't let another day go by without a post though. I had a wonderful Loving Mothers Day and I'm thankful for my kids, my grandbabies. my Mom. I'm thankful for my husband who loves my family. Life is good! I hope when you are too busy -it's all good things!Be blessed!


Valarie said...

I was wandering about you. :) I am so glad that baby girl got to come in. I know that made your Mothers Day complete.

Love Ya

The Southern Mom said...

Awww...I'm so glad your 'Bama girl got to come home (finally)! Mine's home for the summer, but we're moving my Auburn guy on Thursday...I can hardly talk about it without crying.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Sounds fantastic, Lorie! Now rest up :)

Shauna said...

That is a great Mothers day! So happy she came to visit! Fun!