Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This is what I want my knees to look like

Tonight I spent time with some ladies who are precious to me and one of them has had a bad mammogram. She goes to a surgeon Thursday-last week two of my precious sunday school ladies went through the same thing. We sit or stand beside them and we say I'll pray for you and we do and then we move on in our week and do we fervently remember? Do we use a list to remember every prayer we've promised? Does God bring them to our minds as we sit in quiet time with Him? I am already praying for Bible School this summer everyday. My goal is to have less prayers with I or Me in them and truly remember everyone who asks and those who don't ask for prayer. So say my name if you think about it, that I will grow in discipline and know that if you ask for prayer and even if you don't and I see your need-I'll be remembering you.
Be blessed!


It's All Good! said...

That's so true. I confess that "I" and "me" are more front and center than they should be, especially when I'm really going thru things. Thanks for the gentle reminder to look past our own needs.
God bless,

Valarie said...

Good post! I want my knees to look like that also. I think I am along way from there. Sometimes there are such great needs in our lives, that they tend to overshadow our thought process. At least for me it seems that way. Sometimes I feel like I am begging. Ya know what I mean?

Sarah said...

What a great idea...count me in too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie,
Thanks so much for that reminder. I have been trying to focus more on HIM and what I can do for others instead of me and it makes me feel so much better. Your friend is in my prayers.

LeAnn :)