Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spending time with Family and Friends is the Best

This week has been a good week. Monday was my best friend Juju's birthday. As we always do, we had dinner together at Barbie's house. Her parents came and my parents came. It's always wonderful to spend time with your parents. We both feel so blessed to have wonderful Christian parents and that they are still with us.Last night, Tuesday, my grandgirls came home. They had been out of town for awhile and I feel like a part of me is missing when they aren't around. Since they live down the street and I get to see them everyday -I am spoiled!!! I know it.

Tonight was family dinner at my house- I fixed meatloaf (the best if I say so myself) mashed potatoes, homemade slaw, macaroni and cheese, succotash, squash mush and cornbread muffins and brown gravy. I had peach cobbler and vanilla bean ice cream for desert. My daughter Ashley and her husband came with the girls and so did my Mom and Dad. We watched the finale of American Idol. I wanted David Archaletta to win, but I like David Cook too.

I need to stop and brag on my Son-in -love Donny, the reason they were out of town is he had an Award Banquet in Memphis. For the third year in a row - he won Best General Manager of the whole Southeast region for Chili's. He is very good at what he does and taking care of my girls. He got two other awards, most profit and something about quota and sales. More big trophies and a free trip to Hawaii for two weeks. It is his third trip - you think he should take his Mom in law? This is me and Mom and Poppy. I am blessed -two nights this week we've had dinner together.

While I'm showing off my family and friends, I thought I'd show off my husband John. He is an engineer, (pray for me)an avid golfer, a football coach, a Great Papa and he is a good husband.
So just some things going around in my world. I am blessed.

I pray you are blessed!!!


Reva said...

I'm sure you won't remember me but you were so kind as to visit my new site when my sister Brenda introduced me to all her blogging friends. I want to thank you for that. I am finally getting the time to get back to more people and check out all of the wonderful blogging sites out there.
I can relate to you as a grandmother and wife of a wonderful husband. Isn't it fun to share some good and some not so good moments in our lives and make new friends.
My daughter is now blogging and enjoying it too. She has 3 of my grandchildren and I am fortunate to see them at least once or twice a week. I even help out with my 7 year old grandaughters homeschooling by giving her little art classes once a week or so. Sometimes I'm her substitute teacher also and we get along pretty good.
I will try to check your site out more often now and maybe we'll run into each other during our blogging runs, you think?

jennifer said...

You can FOR SURE be one of my favorite bloggers because I now know, THAT YOU KNOW, that you MUST serve Mashed Potatos with Meatloaf. Some folks just don't get that, but you do. And for that you have my undying Blog respect.

Sounds like you all had a great time together. Do you know I haven't watched the first night of American Idol this year? Not one. Sorry your guy didn't win.


The Southern Mom said...

You are blessed! Congrats to Donny on the awards! We're getting a Chili's here, any day now! YAY! (Decatur a little slow in getting new things.)

Love me some meatloaf and mashed taters! And mac-n-cheese! I gotta go get some breakfast. CYA

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

1- Adding you to my blogrpll ;)
2 - Chili's is my and my hubs FAVORITE place to eat!!! Boneless buffalo wings and Chicken ranch things EVER! Congratulations to your son-in-law!3 - Happy Thursday, friend!

Mike Golch said...

Lorie,I always have had time for my family and friends.some of my best times have been with them.

Valarie said...

I vote that MeMe gets to go to Hawaii!!!!