Sunday, May 4, 2008

Relay for Life and other weekend events

Friday evening found us at our High School football field for an evening of fun, food raising money and yes, tears. I had never participated before and did not know what to expect. Here is my account of the evening. I walked into the stadium to sounds of music and smells of all kinds of goodies cooking. I made my way around to find my two booths I was working with and low and behold they were side by side, how cool is that. One was our M&M group from church, our ladies ministry group and the other was the Gentle Touch, my best friend's hair salon. There was probably close to 50 booths. We received white shirts with all the sponsors, the date and the logos etc. I walk in and see some people wearing beautiful purple shirts and being the colorful woman I think I am, I walk up to a group of friends and say how did you get the purple shirt - I want one. They look at me and say you have to Be a survivor, Ouch, I will wear my white one and feel reverence, awe and respect for the survivors in the purple shirts. The M&M booth made and sold yummy strawberry shortcakes and water. Barbie's booth did head neck and shoulder massages, as well as hand massages and manicures.

Some of the most touching things about the night was when the Survivors took the first lap around and we were cheering them on. I'm even crying now as I type this and I'm remembering. I cried the whole time they were going by, as I clapped and cheered because I realize they each have a story and have been through so much. Some came by in wheelchairs, some had no hair, some with walkers. Each one a brave soul and yes, a Survivor. For everyone that walked that night, there were those who could not walk , those who did not win the battle. Another touching part of the evening was when they turned out the lights and we all walked the Luminary walk and saw the names of countless people who have passed. Thomas is holding the Luminary for Barbies Mother-in Law, Sweet Merr, who passed away last year. Before they turned the lights back on they read every name In Memory of and every name in Honor of the survivors who were there and I cried.

There was lots of food, fun, walking, things for the kids My grandgirls had alot of fun. They had tattoos, their face painted and hair painted.

My best friends Judy and Barbie and I were there for the cause with children and grandchildren, and it was a great evening with a great cause. I did not stay all night!

Saturday was a good day, spent with grandbabies from start to finish, Emma had spent the night with me and like I've said before it's heaven waking up with a little snuggler. Saturday night we went to see High School Musical on Ice - I loved it- my baby girls know every song.

Sunday is my church day, the day I love.

Tonight I went to my first Meeting of First Place, for well being and weight loss. I cried when I got on the scales. The sweet lady leading it said were all in the same boat. I said just some of us have bigger boats...Pray for me that I will be a good disciplined worker at this. Now it's time to go to bed and start the week all over again.

Be Blessed!


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Wow! Your weekend ran the full scale of emotions, didn't it?!

Have a great, blessed week! Dawn

jennifer said...

Yep I'm with you, we don't need a purple shirt.

I was involved in the Relay for Life last weekend and it is such a good cause and fun to help as well.

be blessed.


Valarie said...

Lorie, Have I told you lately how much you mean to me. Well you do!!

I know you are going to do fine with your new study you are doing. I'm gonna encourage you every chance I get.

Love Ya

Anonymous said...

Whew! I am tired for you after your busy weekend. Have a great week Lorie.

LeAnn :)

Mike Golch said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend to say the least.