Thursday, May 1, 2008


Somethings I am thankful for are :

* The first night on clean sheets-the wonderful smell and the crisp feel.

* Thursdays-it's a special day at work-today was Tea and Chocolates-it works for everyone= I love to cook and fix and my sweet seniors love to eat and be waited on:o), then every Thursday is dinner-MEXICAN- with my best freinds.
* walking in your door at night and it smells like home.

* My sweet ladies of my Sunday school class.

* That I live in America where we are free.

* That Toni at Amazing Grace found anything on my blog worthy of this great award.
*That Sunday I will be joining a group of Ladies for a Bible Study and Weight Loss venture called First Place to try and make my body a Healthy body!
* That tomorrow is my day for going to the Barbies and getting my overhaul.
Look back at Friday at one of our Favorite Places.
* answering the phone and hearing one of your precious children or grandchildren at the other end.
*That I've found this outlet for writing, sharing, meeting friends and passing on a good word.
* That anyone reads my blog and leaves me a comment.
These are just a few that came to mind tonight. Oh yeah, tomorrow is Relay for Life, lets pray it doesn't rain-its such a good cause.
Be blessed everyone!



Dawn said...

Hi Lorie!

I loved your list and can relate to almost every one of them. About the clean sheets - it's even better to sleep on clean sheets on a night that's cool enough to sleep with the windows open! That's the ultimate in a good night's sleep!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments.

Blessings! Dawn

Valarie said...

Oh, I hope it doesn't rain either.

I an thankful for a wonderful friend and Sunday School teacher like you. :) Speaking of I probably wont be there Sunday because the softball team is being honored over at FRBC.

Sarah said...

What a great list! Happy Friday!

PS - Love your blog design :)

Shauna said...

I just love you Meme Lorie! You always have a way of making my day! :)

Have a great one!

Mike Golch said...

Lorie,I have to agree I'm thankful for living in the USA and free.

It's All Good! said...

I'm with you on the clean sheets...ok, that came out funny!! I know what you mean about the clean sheets...better!
Great list!
Brenda :)
p.s. it's late!

Elise O. said...

Oh, I hope Relay for Life went wonderfully for you (and everybody else, of course!)! Just stopping by to say hi, I found your blog through... Well, Kimmie from Olde Lavender Prims had a post that I commented on and the first comment was from, um, oh, Valarie.
That's how I found you! I hope you have a blessed weekend.
- Elise

Betty said...

Good morning, Lorie,

I enjoyed reading your Thankful Thursday. I love it, too, when I sleep on clean sheets the first night.

You were wondering where Logan, Ala. is located. I'll tell you what it says on the brochure. From Huntsville take I-65 South to exit #304, get off and go left over the Interstate about one mile. Take County Road 222 to the left. Travel 10 miles; watch for the Seven Winds Kitchen sign on the left.

They have samples for you if you would like to try it.

Mimi said...

what a great list of thanks...
you are indeed a blessed lady...
with many friends!!

jennifer said...

Love your thankful list and I am thankful for the USA too!


linda said...

I loved your list and could relate to some of them myself. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Elise O. said...

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God bless! :)