Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just a little Email I got today...Better than the Inaugural

Who is Jesus
He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.
He is the Architect of the Universe and the Manager of All Times.
Unmoved, Unchanged, Undefeated and Never Outdone,
He is the Keeper of Creation and the Creator of All!
He always was, He always is, He always will be!
He was persecuted and brought freedom;
He was bruised and brought healing.
He was pierced and eased pain.
He was dead and brought life.
He is risen and brings power.
He reigns and brings peace.
The leaders can't ignore Him,
The armies can't defeat Him,
The schools can't explain Him,
The world can't understand Him.
The Pharisees couldn't confuse Him,
The people couldn't hold Him!
Herod couldn't kill Him,
Nero couldn't crush Him,
Hitler couldn't silence Him,
The New Age can't replace Him,
And Donahue can't explain Him away!
He is light, love, longevity, and Lord.
He is goodness, kindness, gentleness, and God.
He is Holy, Righteous, Mighty, Powerful, and Pure.
His ways are right,
His Word is Eternal,
His Will is Unchanging,
And His mind is on me!
He is my Redeemer, my Savior, my Guide, and my Peace!
He is my Joy, my Comfort, my Lord and Ruler of my Life!
I serve Him because His bond is love, His burden is light,
His goal for me is Abundant Life.
I follow Him because He is theWisdom of the wise, the Power of the powerful,
the Ancient of Days,The Ruler of rulers,
the Leader of leaders, the Overseer of overcomers,
The Sovereign Lord of all that was and is and is to come,
He willNever leave me, nor forsake me;
He will never mislead me,Never forget me and never overlook me!
He is Everything for everybodyEverywhere, every time,In every way.
When I fall, He lifts me up.
When I am weak, He is my strength.
When I am lost, He is The Way.
When I am afraid, He is my courage.
When I stumble, He steadies me.
When I am hurt, He heals me.
When I am broken, He mends me.
When I am blind, He leads me.
When I am hungry, He feeds me.
When I face trials, He is with me.
When I face persecution, He shields me.
When I face problems, He comforts me.
When I face loss, He provides for me.
When I face death, He carries me home.
Every day is a blessing, for God IS!
Author Unknown
Dear Friends, I don't know about you, but this is my HOPE, and this is why I don't fear!
Christ in me the hope of Glory! Amen and Amen!
Be blessed!


Jubilee on Earth said...

That is awesome! My spirit felt so much better after reading it. Thanks for stopping by, and God bless!


Sue said...

That says it ALL! Thanks for sharing with us, Lorie. God Bless! Hope this posts...having ISP problems this morning.

It's All Good! said...

Way, Way better than the inaugural!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

That is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it :)

Debbie said...

Sister... you KNOW I needed to read this today. I'm not letting anyone on this earth take my joy...I'm taking it back! Thank you for reminding me how blessed and loved I am.

Love my 2 BoYs! said...


Southerner said...

Good job on the 7 lbs! It's all the baby smoochin that is doing it- instead of cupcakes you deeply inhale the smell of babies and there you go- poof! 7 lbs. Can I visit? I lost 2 1/2 lbs this week. I couldn't do it with company the week before. I COULD have if I tried but still allowing those old excuses:)Get organized, Holly. Oh, tie a rope around Valarie's foot so we can find her if she loses any weight. The girl is tiny now, where does she think it is coming from?

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Thanks Lorie for your prayers, I really appreciate it. I dont want to seem selfish, I know there are so many that cant have children at all, and Im so blessed to have Sam, but my deepest hearts desire is to be a mommy again to another precious little one. Thanks again!
God Bless You!!!!

jennifer said...

Beautiful!! This was worth sharing no doubt.