Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 2- Am I being obnoxious?

Yesterday was day 2 of Little Abby’s life. I worked all day and then headed for the hospital.

I was so glad to be there when my Mom and Dad- Nanny and Poppy returned from their holiday trip to Knoxville and met their 4th great-grandbaby.

Abby 003

Abby 002

We call Poppy the baby-whisperer~ he can do this sweet low hum and calm any baby-(I hope I am a little like Him- I haven’t met a baby I don’t love or can’t try to calm).

Then Aunt Whitney got to hold her for the first time-

Abby 033

She was dressed so precious because she had her pictures made that day.

Her big Sister’s came too –they were missing Mommy and Daddy as well as wanting to see Abby.

Abby 019

Abby 018

One of my dearest oldest friends from High school came by~Lisa. She loves babies!

Abby 042

I ordered Mommy and Daddy some good supper and

Bama Princess and I ate with them.

Abby 045

My sweet baby-better known here as Mommy looked so pretty today too…

Abby 043

Abby made her first fashion statement!

Abby 035 

Meme left sorta late when all was fed and well~

Abby 044

My cup runneth over!



Memaw Barbie said...

I am so jealous Lisa got to hold her before me!!!! I think Abby looks like Anna in these pics. Can't wait for the weekend. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Oh I missed the post about Abby!! Congratulations Meme! I can't wait to be a "meme"! I keep telling my daughter, she thinks "maybe this year". Oh heart, be still. I'll be a dancing. Abby is beautiful like her "Meme".


Charlene said...

The last picture on this post is sooo precious. I missed out on moments like that with my children...in the 50's your babies were only brought into the room with you for feeding..and no one else was even allowed in. I have shared these moments with my grandchildren tho. God is good.
Love you, Meme Peete

Debbie said...

We will just have to find you a bigger cup - for even more blessings! I am so happy for you all. I missed seeing you Sunday, if I understood right - you won't be there this Sunday - have a safe and fun trip.

Maree said...

Love at all the hair!!

Those pictures of Nanny and Poppy are priceless...I'm positive you have that gift!!

Abby is so cute in her little outfit...precious!

The Southern Mom said...

She's so sweet and beautiful...I'm so happy for you all!

Valarie Lea said...

Oh that last picture made me cry! I just love them both and I have not even got to hold Abby yet and snuggle with her. :)

It's All Good! said...

No way, you're not being obnoxious! Love seeing your new grandbaby. She's so cute!

Juju said...

What a sweet little outfit! I wanted to come over tonight but I did not feel well and just rested all evening. I feel better now and will talk to you tomorrow.
Love you

Liz said...

thought I would stop in and see how big baby is getting and look at new pictures of her because I knew there just had to be knew ones! Children grow so fast and the next thing you know...they are raising their own family! You certainly are blessed. Have a great day!

Laurie said...

What a cute little outfit! I hope you are all enjoying the first days and that mom is managing to get some rest.

jennifer said...

Oh congratulations!!! How beautiful Miss Abby is!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie,
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P.S. Could you also please tell Barb. Thanks!