Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ryder Boy is Growing

One of the things Emma asked for for her birthday was for her favorite cousin Ryder to be there. I was missing him myself because I hadn’t got him in a few weeks. I miss him so much sometimes.


Isn’t he growing? He weighs 27 pounds now and he’s just 9 and a half months old. His little  Momma probably weighs 100 soaking wet.Lord, bless her cos my muscles hurt from carrying him. Of course her sweet little muscles are 27  years younger than mine and in much better shape. I don’t want to talk about shape –I don’t have one. Now, I have digressed, this post is about my little cutie-pie!


How’s that for a Face!


He loves to watch TV-Baby Einstein~ MeMe wants him to be cultured –what’s a day without Mozart?

His Daddy is a hard working Restaurant manager of Ketchup –but he used to dream of being a chef.

Lil’ Bubby ( I call Chase Bubby-I always have)crawled right into the kitchen and being the smart boy that he is pulled this book from the shelf…101

Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child-see the boy already has culture. He might just grow up and be a chef!!!

Thanks for letting me share!

BE Blessed!



Debbie said...

He is so cute! I will miss you next week while I'm gone.

Brandi said...

He is so cute, what cute little faces he makes!

Valarie said...

That second picture is the best! He is the cutest little thing :)

Putz said...

blessed ryder

Anonymous said...

He is such a joy isn't he. Love ya Barbie

MommyGirl said...

I love that pic of little man.