Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are Not Alone

How good it is to realize that God will undertake
For all who, burdened, cry to him, "Help me for Jesus sake."
For through His Son He has for all not only sin's release,
But grace for every trial of life. He keeps the soul in peace.

Sometimes when we implore the Lord to meet some special need,
It seems as if His ear is deaf, no matter how we plead.
But up above the leaden skies, He watches o'er His own;
He sees our tear-drops, hears our cry. No we are not alone.

For every trial, care and cross, He giveth us more grace,
And every storm-sky has its rift that shows His loving face.
Afflictions of the righteous oft abound 'tis very true,
But He delivers, bless His name. He sees His children through.
Author unknown

Be blessed!



Valarie said...

That was very pretty :)

Valarie said...

Oh and I like the new look :)

Charlene said... Michael B.....'glad you got to see him up close and personal...
Love you girl...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie.....

How are you? Have you seen that I am painting like crazy again.....I think I need wait....painting is therapy...LOL!!
Hey, visit She is calling all Christians to pray for a miracle in our election.


Maree said...

Stopped in to say hidy! Thanks for thr poem..lovely. The concert sounded great!

I've always wanted to go to the Rainbow Room and hear Michael Finestein..guess it's on my bucketlist!;-)

Our youngest son and his wife just found out they are going to have a baby....I saw that little one on your sidebar and I'm going to try and add one to my blog...we are all jazzed about it!!


Putz said...

MIKE BUBAL...MUST BE A CHRISTAIN SINGER......AND TRAIL, WE MUST JUST MUST ENDURE them and not murmmer if at all possible, and we will come in the clouds with him when he comes again