Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weird Things about me…

Precious Debbie tagged me and expressed that there is probably nothing weird about me, oh yes ma’am sit back and read , I’ll try and cut it off at 7. One other topic I would love to share is I am having some troubles commenting on some peoples blogs~ is anyone else having troubles?

Now the weirdness…

1. I am not a clean freak, I don’t like filthy or dirty but friends, sometimes if you could see the inside of my car or my personal closet you would be shocked and appalled. I will let them go until I can’t stand it.

2.I have documented my freaky fear of flying- I still do it. As my precious daughter puts it , she was unaware until flying with me this year that I am a freak who comes close to falling apart. I am this way about the Dentist also.

3. I do not do throwing up well- meaning if you start I follow. First I break out in a sweat upon hearing it then I feel it rising in me. I am sorry about it but I can’t help others when it comes to this ailment!

4. This one is deep- so stay with me- growing up I had health problems and I went from being a skinny bean pole to very curvy to plump. I thought I was huge from about 7th grade on-I was encouraged heavily to watch everything put in my mouth daily. I believe that our thoughts have the power to shape us. If you think you are fat –you will become fat.  I am proof! I’m trying to think of myself as healthy and pleasing, so I will become that-it is a major struggle for me and like the commercial says –it’s always on my mind. ( Is this weirdness for you?)

5.I don’t like Tomatoes, but I love salsa, ketchup, things made from tomatoes just not fresh plain tomatoes!

6. I consider myself a conservative Christian girl who wants to live right but I have a fun loving side that loves me some funky music-I mean it!!! Apple Bottom Jeans, I got it from my Mama, Let me clear my Throat,Baby got Back, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide and yes I’ll try to drop it like its hot:o)

7. I cry at Kleenex commercials. If you start crying when you are with me, that’s all she wrote –your not alone. My maiden  name is Crye and I think it is my civic duty to fulfill. I am overly tenderhearted!

So now in true meme fashion I am tagging Barbie and Juju  I know everything about them and they will have a hard time coming up with truly weird stuff!

Be blessed Blog peeps and if you haven’t got a comment from me lately it is blogspot or somebody else’s fault I have tried!

Come on and leave me some love or I’ll think you think I’m to weird to love me!



The Southern Mom said...

Well, if you're weird, I'm right there with ya, sista. I love to dance, hate to throw up, and cry at the drop of a hat(I can't watch 7th Heaven, Hallmark commercials or that commercial about the dogs in the animal shelter)! And...I love me some Micheal Buble'!

Life on the farm... said...

I like you just the way you are..;)

Brandi said...

I love your #6! I consider myself the chiristian girl but, I love me some fun music! You must have some fun in our lives and that is one thing that makes me happy is dancin silly with my kids and friends. I LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE, YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS!

Maree said...

Nope, your not weird!! Just cute!
My town has a saying..."Keep Louisville weird"....they are doing a good job of it! ;-)

Love #5...and agree wholeheartedly!

You mentioned about coming together to pray for the the top right of my sidebar is a women praying...if you click it you will get this blog created for that purpose. It's Katherine from
Her prayer blog is..
She adds updates too..she's a sweety!
We are praying at 9pm....

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm with ya on the throwing up, if you gag, I'm right there with you. I always felt so bad as a mom that I couldn't help my kids when they were throwing up, my husband had to. I do love tomatoes and anything with them though and I too consider myself to be a conservative Christian. Your blog shows what a bright light you are.


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Hey Lori,
Thanks for reading my blog, I love reading yours. I saw you not to long ago at Poseys, I didnt say anything cause wasnt sure you would remember me, I should have!
I love your blog,I think you and Barbie must be the best grandparents ever! I would love to see Heather when she comes home!
Its great to be in touch!!!!!

Debbie said...

Amanda told me this morning she was having trouble leaving a comment on my blog. She found the solution; I had to go to settings, comments, comment form placement and then check pop-up window. The problem just started yesterday?? So… it should let you comment on my blog now.
You still have not proved weirdness to me:
1.I may be a neat freak but I could care less if it’s clean. You can leave me notes in the dust on my furniture.
2.The subject of throw up – well, that’s why I’m an office administrator not a nurse.
3.Weight – mine is way up there and still going.
4.You should look through my CD’s – Baby Face, K C & the Sunshine Band, Kenny Chesney, George Straight, Back Street Boys, if your looking for a CD I’m sure I have it – love most kinds of music.
5.I cry if you look at me wrong on most days.
6.Lots of people don’t like flying.
Okay – I’ll let you be a little weird on the tomato thing! I can’t explain that one away!
I love you!!!! Just the way you are!!!!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

#1,5 &6

Totally with you on the weirdness of those :)

This was GREAT to read about you!

suzanne said...

Hi there, just kinda stumbled across your blog today and really enjoyed reading it . I love all the things you arote about yourself it kinda reminded me of some of my stuff. I also absolutely hate to go to the dentist, it terrifies me and nearly freaks me out to the point of looking like an idiot. I can do the throw up thing well either or poop! I have never flown and dont intend to due to i would certainly freak!!!!!! Anyway love it all and wanted to tell you and say hello from KY.

Valarie said...

I did not know you freaked out over going to the dentist. I never would have thought that.