Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh the Joy of a magical Day….

Saturday was a special day because 5 years ago on that day a little princess was born and my heart has never been the same. It was the day I became a MeMe and that‘s better than being a Queen! You can’t really tell someone how joyful it is to be a grandmother until they experience it. If you think being a Mother is a miracle –just multiply it and then multiply it some more and that will sort of tell you how special it is.

The invitations were sent- The special Tea Party would be at MeMe and Papa’s Castle and about twenty little ladies and a few special little men would arrive in their Sunday best.  The tea pots were ready and the Piñata was filled with candy. The party favors were prepared with help from two little angels. The princess had her hair done for the special occasion. Mommy made her Special cake.

Let the Party begin…









I felt so lucky to be a part of this sweet day.

Even Ryder boy was here for the big day~ he spent the night with me –oh the pictures I took- that’s another day. Probably tomorrow.

It was magical Emma and MeMe’s cup runneth over!

I love you Emma!

Be blessed!



Life on the farm... said...

Oh, that's so sweet!

Beth said...

look at all that pink and that happy pink face! too cute!

jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your little Princess. To know how wonderful being a grandmother is going to be, I look at my Mother In Law. She glows with joy when she is around her grandbabies!

Debbie said...

I want a tea party like that for my next birthday!

Valarie said...

It looks like they had such a good time! They all look so sweet all dressed up for the party. The cake looks awesome. Ashley did such a good job.

Misty said...

What a fantastic party it was! Ella has told everyone she's met this weekend about Emma's Happy Birthday Tea Party and I caught Bryce with the goody bag this morning munching on treats. (he says thanks!) We had a great time!

Putz said...

it is so refreshing to find one who can find so much joy in her family and her grandsughter, you really are a blessing to all of us me me

georgie said...

that cake is awesome! looks like a beautiful party!
Loved the last pic of you 2 together

StephanieJ said...

Hi Lorie! It has been so wonderful meeting everyone in the SSS! They are all so welcoming and kind.

That party looked like too much fun!

About the button, I saved it as a picture. Then I added it as a Gadget on my side bar (I selected picture). When you upload it, it will have a place for a link. Cut and paste the sss site from your nav bar, and paste it on in the link spot. Save the Gadget box, and then save in your layout. It should work then. I had to experiment with it as well, I had never done one of those before. One thing I did have problems with~it prefills the http: and I forgot to delete that. So it just took you to a error site. If you cut/paste make sure that you do not have double http:

Hope it works for you! And nice meeting you, this sss is going to be a blast!

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

What fun!

And that last picture is so beautiful!!!

Kerry said...

Sept.27th, who would of thought... two Princess's born on the same day. I love that kid!!!

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