Thursday, December 4, 2008

My SSS came on a good day

The day was Saturday- I was a little bummed and worried about my Daddy-he was in the hospital having difficulty breathing and feeling pretty bad. I am a Daddy’s girl! He’s out by the way and I appreciate anyone who prayed for him. He has been Diagnosed with COPD- which is a little scary to us. He still is under the weather, but so glad to be home.

Back to my SSS gift~ I can share these with you…

sss 001

I looked out the front door to see about the weather and there sat my package. I couldn’t wait to see what My Secret Santa sent me. I opened the box and my first clue was my Secret Santa sure can wrap. Check it out_

sss 002

The bow and the little Merry Holiday tag were beautiful and I will probably put them on my tree to remember every year.

First I opened my card and it was my first Christmas card of the year.

sss 004

Next I ripped that paper with gusto and I got my next clue …My Secret Santa has wonderful taste and wears great, expensive shoes…

sss 006

Yep, the shoe box said Coach and it was some cute little flats, size 8. I told ya- good shoes!

Then I opened the box and found my FAVORITE

and my signature smell…

sss 008

a gift bag full of Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works.

I honestly love it and I have a few people that when they hug me –they breathe in and say yep that’s the Lorie smell.

I wear it always and I have it in my plugs, so I guess it is just a part of me and  a lovely bag of it was a great gift and a sweet pick me up on my gloomy Saturday.

Thank you Secret Santa- you have not only great shoes but you read something I love and you sent me a sweet gift bag full. Oh yeah and you wrap beautifully and you are thoughtful. I hope your Secret Santa is good to you too!   To see other SSS check Georgie out!

Thanks so much and Be Blessed!

sss 009

Warm Vanilla Sugar Lovin’ untitled


Maree said...

How wonderful!! I'm doing that secret thing next year!! ;-)

We live in Louisville,KY...guess we could move to Nashville or Knoxville...Dick works out of TN...for the moment, things are shaky in his company. They let 100 people go a couple of weeks ago...yucky!!

I'm so glad your dad is out of the hospital!! He is on a real journey now with COPD...thankfully, it's 2008 and they know more about it now. My SIL has been sick for 5 years with something like COPD...he however, has no diagnosis..breathing is a real gift! I never take it for granted after going through this with him.


The Southern Mom said...

Wow! Great gift! I've been out of the loop lately, but I have been thinking about you and your Poppy. So glad thinks are better for him!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Poppy is out of the hospital. You sound relieved.

Love your gift. Secret Sisters can be fun.


Valarie Lea said...

That is so fun, I didn't participate, because I didn't want anyone to be disappointed with my lack of organizational and procasting skills. :)

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Glad Poppy is home, I will continue to remember him in my prayers, hope each day he will continue to get better!

Life on the farm... said...

MMMMM I'll be sure and give you a hug on Sunday! Glad your Daddy is better!

It's All Good! said...

I'm glad your dad is out of the hospital. My MIL has COPD. She's a go getter tho'. Attends special meetings just for that.
What a nice package to get!
God bless,
Brenda :)

jennifer said...

I adore warm vanilla sugar!!

My scent of choice is vanilla bean noel.

I will say a prayer for your father Lorie. Be blessed.

Shauna said...

Yay for you on the Coach shoes. I dont own Coach anything! So fun! Love ya!

georgie said...

thats good news about your daddy and your SSS sure does know how to wrap...geesh i didnt wrap my gifts! my fav scent from B&BW is Black amythist oh how I love that store

Anonymous said...

*hugs* Glad your Poppy is doing better. Keep us updated. I am thinking about you.

Debbie said...

I miss you. Parts of my prayers are that “issues” will slow down and work themselves out. I have faith that I will be seeing more of you after the next few weeks. I’m going to keep that faith regardless! Did any of the clothes fit your little man? I also have a pack and play if they need it. Ashley may could use it, just let me know.

Maree said...

Hi Lorie...I know you are way busy and may not have time to participate...but I MUST give you this award I left for you on my blog.

We found each other through LeAnn and I'm so very glad we did...I LOVE your blog and look forward to all your postings!!


Brandi said...

Love it, sounds like you racked up! I got mine today, got a little of everything...

Connie said...

How fun to get a surprise!! I want a Secret Santa and will she bring me a Sea Doo? I pray that your Dad is much better. I enjoyed meeting you last week. We must do it again soon.

Lottifish said...

Warm vanilla sugar smells soooo good!

"J" said...

HOLY MOLY what a GREAT gift!!!!! =)