Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Ryder Boy turned ONE!

Yesterday December 10th, was a big day for us.Sweet Ryder boy turned one. Oh how I love him!

dec 023

Chase fixed a wonderful dinner of steak fajita’s and as usual no pictures of the great food  I was too busy chowing. He is a great cook-like a gourmet chef really. I am very proud of him. He also worked very hard making Ryder’s first birthday cake –it was a masterpiece – take a look…

dec 015

Be sure and click on it to make it bigger and look at the detail. Ryder loves Diego and Chase spent like two days making all the little animal heads- the chocolate animals, the green chocolate trees. I wish pictures would do it justice but they don’t.

He also made him one to tear into –but he didn’t tear too much- he didn’t like getting dirty.

dec 025

dec 030

one more look at the fancy cake…

dec 017

Next came bath time-Ryder loves baths.

dec 036

He did not understand the tear open your packages yet, but his sweet cousins Emma and Anna were very willing to help.

dec 040

dec 057

He loved his Elmo.dec 018

The party was fun for all-it was all family. Bubby (Chase)and Ashley have a sweet home, and we all enjoyed being with Ryder on his special day.

dec 062

Ryder boy, just like your daddy before you , you are my special boy. My only little boy. Daddy was my only boy in between two girls and you’ll be surrounded by three sweet girls –for now. But you will always be special to this Meme who loves you and prays for you and longs to teach about Jesus. You are my precious little boo.

Happy birthday to Ryder!

Be blessed!

happy baby


Anonymous said...

Wow! That cake is truly amazing! He is very talented. I have a friend that makes cakes, and I sure wish that was something I could do. The little animals are very cool looking. Happy Birthday to Ryder. He looks like such a happy little boy.

Your Secret Santa

Valarie Lea said...

That cake is awesome!!! He did a great job. :)

Life on the farm... said...

Wow! The cake looks great! What a lucky little boy.

Debbie said...

My Momma's birthday was yesterday also. He is so precious!

The Southern Mom said...

Happy #1 Birthday! The cake looks cute and boyish!

Maree said...

Happy first birthday to your precious Ryder!!

Wow..the time and effort that went into making that cake!! A lot of love went into it I can tell!

Christmas Blessings!!

nanatrish said...

He is so adorable. That cake is so professional. It reminds me of the Ace of Cakes show. Very talented.

Sue said...

Good looking young man! I do believe he enjoyed the birthday cake. You are blessed, Lorie.

The Southern Mom said...

(In a singsong voice) I met your son-in-law! Yeah...he probably thought I was some kind of nut! (If he doesn't tell you, ask him about the weird woman in Sam's Club!)

AirmanMom said...

He is an adorable little guy!
Happy Birthday!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...