Saturday, December 20, 2008

Making Christmas Happen

Do most of us think that every present must be bought and every card written, along with every cookie baked for Christmas to happen? I pondered this question and I remember sharing this story with a friend who was facing serious surgery recently…

I don’t remember exactly what year it was, but the night before Thanksgiving I met a sweet friend at church to decorate the sanctuary with the visual for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering – my friend had made three crosses from railroad ties, she had bore holes in them to place big Christmas lights through so that we could turn on  a bulb for every hundred dollars of offering. We were getting the crosses out of the back of the truck-two were 6 feet tall and the middle one was 8 feet tall. (Of course the base had to be big enough to hold them up stably)We had each taken a cross in and I went back to get the big one and as I pulled it out of the truck it knocked me down from the weight and I could barely pull it by myself – Myra came out to help me and said you should not have tried to carry that alone –I said tomorrow I will feel it cos it had really jolted me- I said something like wow how hard it must have been for Jesus to go a long way carrying a big heavy cross.

The next day as I drove to my SIL house for Thanksgiving Dinner I thought I was having a heart attack-I felt a fiery heat go though my upper body and down my arm and then excruciating pain that would not subside- long story short –it took them almost two weeks to decide that I had completely ruptured a disc in my neck – probably from my cross carrying and the very next morning I was in surgery. Because I had been in so much pain I had not made one preparation for Christmas – not one. Upon leaving the hospital they said I could not ride in a car for one month-do to the work they had done on my neck.

More long story short- that was the sweetest Christmas time I have ever had- I felt the love of kindnesses of so many-I had a beautiful tree some one else decorated, presents that were all bought by family and friends, cooking every day, more poinsettas than I could imagine, baked gifts everywhere, people who came to clean, cook, shop or just visit, carolers many times. I did not get into the hustle and bustle- I was still and I experienced Christmas.

I experienced true love in action  which is what Christmas is all about really – the greatest gift we ever received  was the gift of a baby and that gift just kept on giving all because of love. I remind myself at Christmas that love in action is the best gift and if I don’t bake those cookies or haven’t wrapped every present to the hilt, the most important thing is remembering the reason for the season and LOVE!

Wouldn’t this Christmas be a great one if this is the year we forgave someone for something we’ve hung onto for way to long, because of LOVE.

Wouldn’t this Christmas be a great one if we spent a little more time spending time with loved ones and maybe even included someone who doesn’t have the blessings we have, because of LOVE.

Wouldn’t this Christmas be a great one if we remembered those less fortunate than us and gave to them generously, because of LOVE.

Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas if we just loved because God first loved us so much that He gave his only begotten son….


Just some thoughts, because I found myself worrying about what I haven’t done instead of enjoying what I have done~even more what God has done for ME.

Merry Christmas-God loves you!

Be Blessed!



Putz said...

yep everycookie or pazel must be delivered before christmas will star.. an italian coookie made out of butter, real butter and put into a press with catholic designs , thin and good will have to go to mrs. elliot, jack anderson who just got two new knees,,,he is a farmer you know, mrs, scow, lust, ritz{she was a widow three times} larry and mary bradley, mr. 90 year old callie ...until that is done chritmas won't even try to be

It's All Good! said...

It sure puts everything into perspective. Like I told my sister, Reva, when she was in the hospital Nov.-Jan. a couple of years ago. We can have Christmas any time, because of who He is in us.
Merry Christmas!

Maree said...

Wonderful, wonderful story and thoughts!! What great friends and family you have!!

Thanks to blogging and reading others like yours...I've really taken the time this season to focus on HIM and stop the Christmas madness!

Happy, happy, joy, joy on your grand baby coming soon!! ;-)

Life on the farm... said...

Thanks for sharing Lorie!

Pam D said...

Thanks so much for your wise advice on my blog, Lorie. I love this post... I REALLY love this post, for reasons that I will not go into here and now. Isn't it amazing that God directs us to write, and sometimes we don't know why. And then He makes sure that just the right person reads what we wrote, and it's just what they needed to read....
May your New Year be as sweet as you!