Friday, April 8, 2011

April is here!

This has been a great month so far-with a few bumps, but that’s life right?

It started like this



april 1 april 2 april6

Playing with friends on a beautiful day until she fell asleep on Meme.

Then Sunday we had church- wow- I love Sunday’s!

They start with my wonderful Sunday school class-I love every single lady there! We have a great class and we are there for each other in a special way. Then the service was great Sunday as we looked at the last words of Jesus. Powerful stuff!

Then the church picnic-more food than you can imagine, great music-Great Fellowship.

Next was my Sweet wonderful Daddy’s –POPPY- birthday dinner with all the people I love there! All my kids and all my grandkids what more could a Mom want- well to have her camera there-duh!Thanksgiving 2010 220

Poppy turned 78 –April 4th. We are so thankful that he has had 9 good years since his strokes . He is a very special man – one good thing about him-I do believe he is a baby whisperer-there has never been a baby that he doesn’t love and they don’t love him. He holds them really close and hums and they just melt. Poppy always smells wonderful too!

Monday –Poppy’s birthday actually – we spent the day at the Heart center, then the hospital as my oldest brother Mike had a heart cath, then two stents put in. It was a long day, but all went well –prayers were answered and maybe BIG BROTHER WILL START TAKING BETTER CARE OF HIMSELF!

The rest of the week has been spent getting my house ready for these sweet folks to move in.

Thanksgiving 2010 006

april 5

Can you imagine how much fun this house will have for the next few months. It will no longer be an empty nest- a quiet place. It will be never a dull moment- then they will live even closer on my street. I’ll have to get a pic of the house in progress.

Yes, April is turning out to be a great month!

Spring is here and I’m loving it!

Be blessed!



jennifer said...

Happy Birthday to your Daddy! Looks like spring has sprung well in your neck of the woods - I'm so glad.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! The girls are growing up so quickly. And they're so precious...enjoy your time with them!

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