Thursday, April 14, 2011

God, Angels and Prayers

This week I encountered a self –proclaimed atheist. It really bothered me because this man is important in the lives of some people I really love. I tried talking with him, sharing with him- giving him specific verses of importance and even situations of God’s presence evidenced. No luck-he doesn’t know what he believes, just not in God. I’ve thought about it countless times since then. I know that all I can do is pray for him, and for the people I love that are in his influence. It brought home to me again the importance of knowing what you know so that you can give an account for it.

My sweet youngest daughter asked me if I told him about our angel visit. I love to share it- A story of how God sent an angel to intervene-  it was early in 2002 and my youngest child was going through a time of rebellion (That is enough to need divine intervention-Can I get a witness?). She decided at the age of 16 she would leave my home where there were rules and curfews-I always knew where she was and knew all  her friends and expected her to be in church, to go to her Fathers house where rules were looser, curfew was later, he didn't have to know her friends and Church? not at all. I being the close mother I felt I was, wanted her home-it was breaking my heart- every phone call was tears and please come home, ending in hurt and anger. All I knew was to pray! In the midst of this my Father had a major stroke and we almost lost him. When I finally got her on the phone, she being angry with me said she wasn't even going to come to the hospital. I cried and said our fight may be our fight but all her Poppy had ever done was love her. Much later after her aunt went and talked to her and other family members had called her she came-I remember looking down the hall of that hospital and seeing a little girl with a big chip on her shoulder coming toward us-she went in and was a broken little girl seeing her Poppy laying there. When it came time for her to leave I wanted to walk her out and she didn't want me to -she thought there would be more begging when at that time I just needed her love and she needed mine. We got on the elevator and she said “don't start on me”- I said “cant we just get along right now” and the elevator door opened a floor down and a large beautiful young black lady got on, we ceased talking and rode on down. We all got off the elevator and she went to the food area, and we were sitting on a bench not saying anything when she came back up and said God had told her to tell us some things. She looked at my daughter and told her everything she was doing and that God was revealing that she should go home. She held her hand up like God was sending information down at that time through an antenna. She said there is nothing you are doing that your Mother won't love you-she prays for you. She was very specific and said things very few people could know- she then laid hands on us and prayed out loud in that lobby over us and the little girl with the big chip melted right there. We sat there and agreed it was an angel- she went home that night and told her father God had sent an angel. SHE CAME HOME. I left out many personal things said and and details, but I hope you see the picture of God coming in human form and speaking words that we needed. I told everyone and even spoke about it publicly and to this day know that God came in the Hospital in the form of a beautiful young black lady.

Today my devotion says:

Heaven is both present and future. as you walk along your  life-path holding My hand, you are already in touch with the essence of heaven: nearness to Me. You can also find many hints of heaven along your path,  because  the earth is radiantly alive with My presence.  Shimmering sunshine awakens your heart,(oh yes- it did today-it’s a beautiful sunshiny day) gently reminding you of My brilliant Light. Birds and flowers, (I can hear them right now outside my front window) trees and skies evoke praises to My Holy Name. Keep your eyes and ears open as you journey with Me. 

I’m so thankful that I know HIM- I wish everyone did.

I’m going to keep on praying. I’m  going to pray that those of us who do know Him do a better job of representing Him so that others want to know….

I know this was deep , but I had to tell.

Be blessed!



Lori Lucas said...

Oh my goodness. Your story gave me goosebumps. I too have stories when I know I was truly touched by the hand of God. Had I just read the devotion, it would have made my day better, but your story along with it just made my day. I will keep your "friend" in my prayers as well. We both know the miracles God can work. Lori L

Anonymous said...

Lorie...just popping in to see if you and all your family are okay. We don't have electricity and am using my hubby's phone for internet...will check in on you later...Debbie

Anonymous said...

Lorie...just popping in to see if you and all your family are okay. We don't have electricity and am using my hubby's phone for internet...will check in on you later...Debbie

Jenn said...

Came across your blog randomly... Love your angel story. God speaks to us in ways that He knows we'll understand, how lucky you and your daughter have been to have him speak so directly to you!

hapi said...

Hi Lorie, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Betsy said...

Just this week I prayed about something and the answer was dropped into my lap within 60 seconds. It was such a miracle and so amazing that i haven't gotten over it. The obvious was a dollar amount to the penny and a few other details...which could only be explained by God being in it. I wish all prayers were answered with such clarity! ha. But then, we wouldn't need much faith.

I love your story here...thanks so much for sharing!