Saturday, October 2, 2010

Half Full Friday on Saturday

Wew- Meme had a busy week! It started with a beautiful Sunday- church was wonderful- I sang I Will Love You  by Jason Crabb. I had to practice over and over so I wouldn’t cry when I sang it. Have a listen…

Then My grandbaby girls came home after a 10 days from Florida.

Monday was my Precious Emma’s 7th Birthday. She is an awesome, smart, beautiful, loving Spirit filled little girl.It’s true if you just meet her , you realize she is special!

april2010 033

I worked a lot of hours this week. I even worked most of the day Friday which is my off day-but I got to go to a Health Fair for retired people and meet a lot of sweet elderly people and tell them how cool the place I work is.

Friday night I got to see Emma and Anna play their last Fall Softball games-they  enjoyed it. I enjoy watching and cheering.

I forgot to mention Monday Night 30 family and close friends enjoyed Dinner at my son –in -loves Chili’s for St. Jude’s evening. All the proceeds went to St Jude’s, but even better just about all the people I love and hold dear were together at a very long table and we ate, laughed, and had birthday cake. It was hectic, but sweet! And we supported a good cause on top of that.

If all this didn’t seem like enough to be half full I’ll add a few more.

* I’m so thankful and happy for cooler temperatures and that Fall is coming!

* I’m so happy that my sweet daughter Bama Princess,  aka Whitney got a great job and starts training Monday –she also has a wonderful young man in her life that treats her awesome and really cares about her.


*I’m so happy and fortunate to have a good job and a healthy loving family. I know it ! There are so many layoffs in our area and there is so much sickness. I am thankful.

* I am so happy to read other blogs on a daily basis where I am encouraged , enlightened and even entertained.

* I’ll always say I’m so happy God loves me even though I don’t deserve it. He takes my burdens and makes them lighter!

Be blessed !



Linda Stubbs said...

Just came over to say welcome to Prairie Flower Farm!
Noticed that you became a follower! Thank you!

I will come back and read some more on your blog......have a wedding to go to in an hour!
Hugs from my farm to your HOME!

Betsy said...

Lorie ~ what an awesome list! Your happiness is contagious as I felt happier the more I read! What a wonderful week you had...although extrememly busy!

cindy said...

I haven't joined the half full on friday yet but did enjoy reading your list. maybe i'll try it later today.

take care-

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