Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fridays –how I love you

The weeks seem to go by so swiftly. I work Monday through Thursday and get my 40 in in 4 days. So most Friday mornings you find me sleeping until I wake up, then sitting in my chair, drinking coffee and reading blogs. I love relaxing Friday mornings –it’s a reward after a busy bustling week. I’m thinking about my already filled weekend and how beautiful the weather is. Tomorrow my Sunday school sisters and I are heading to Bell Buckle Tennessee

oct 08 040

for a fun day of food , friends walking and all the crafts a little country town can hold. We have so much fun, we even made up a sound to round each other up.We sing or whistle kind of like the sound of that Indian kind of music and we can find each other. It’s funny but it works. Me and Juju do it louder than anybody!!!oct 08 028

I can’t wait- the weather is perfect.

Sunday –I am driving to get my Ryder boy in Birmingham –he is on his first trip to the beach  with his Mom and Dad. I hope they are having fun, Chase will be 28 Tuesday and that was his gift for his birthday –a few days at the beach with his family. I wish I was with them.


I just had the best surprise my best friend just walked over to see me –still in my gown tail at almost lunch time.

Well fun or should I say grandkids called and I have been shopping and to a fun night at the pumpkin farm.



*I’m so happy that my grandbabies want to spend time with me.

*I’m so happy I have been blessed with great friends who are family.

* I’m so happy that I have a great group of ladies in my Sunday school class and we like to spend time together.

* I’m so happy that basically I have a optimistic view of life and that I believe that we can make a choice to have JOY and I have!

I better get to bed tomorrow is another full day of love, sunshine and JOY!

Be blessed!



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your pictures...have a great weekend! maybe we'll run into you tomorrow at Bellbuckle...

melody-mae said...

OK, first off I think you should record your 'call' you ladies do to find each other!!! LOL My BFF and I have one so that is why I find this funny. She started it years ago, she chants very loudly I might add, "hootie hoo" and you know it is her from anywhere! LOL

Enjoy your fun-filled blessed weekend. You have much to be thankful for and yes, I CHOOSE joy too!


Betsy said... had me at funnel cakes! LOL! Hope you had fun!

and look at that photo of you! GORGEOUS!!!!!

jennifer said...

Oh wow Lorie! That picture of you is gorgeous!!

melody-mae said...

thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet, sweet comment.

Anonymous said...

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