Friday, September 18, 2009

Some highlights from this Meme’s life…

  I said I was back and I proceeded to have a busy week with two twelve hour work days. Today I overslept, so I am staying home to pack for a SWEET trip to T’Town to see my baby girl and go the ballgame tomorrow.I am really excited –its been 30 something years since I’ve been to an Alabama game.

I told you I’ve been busy being a Meme-here’s proof…

family 2009 001

family 2009 002

family 2009 162


I’ve been to a few ballgames –my nephew is playing, my husband is coaching.

family 2009 147

#69 is my nephew Nick. Poppy doesn’t miss a game.

family 2009 148

My sister –in law Gini is staying with us for a awhile and she is helping me do a little sprucing up of the old homeplace ~check it out…

family 2009 155

We covered these thrift store chairs that went from this to Gorgeous!

family 2009 153

family 2009 151


I need a final picture of my dining room –but the curtains are next, then I’ll show you!

Life is good!family 2009 167 family 2009 191 family 2009 196

Be Blessed!!!!


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Bran Bran "Mommy" said...

love the updated chairs-they are adorable