Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Trip to T’town :o)

This past weekend I went to see Bama Princess with Lisa, one of my dearest friends from High School.

It rained and rained, but that didn’t dampen our spirits.

Friday night we ate at a GREAT restaurant named the Cypress Inn. It was delicious, then we went to see Love Happens –it was a good movie.

Friday night-sweet Whit let us sleep in her comfy bed…

ttown 001

Saturday a.m. we woke to pouring rain…

ttown 006

Then the most wonderful thing happened it stopped and we walked the short distance to the stadium…

ttown 003

You can see it from her front door!

ttown 010

ttown 011

ttown 013

We had the best time!It didn’t rain the whole game. WE beat that lil’ old team from North Texas.

Most of all, I enjoyed time with my baby girl. It is hard for me to believe she will graduate in just 3 months time.

She can do and be anything she sets her mind to and I hope she sets it high. I am very proud of her. I will be watching to see what great things she does.

I’m ready to go back-I never thought I’d be a Bama Fan but something about your heart and your money being there changes things-so for now my orange and blue shirt hangs in my closet. I kind of like the look of Houndstooth!

Be blessed!



Debbie said...

Hey sweet girl… I almost forgot how to log into my blog it’s been so long. I’m glad to see you have been faithful to it. I love the pictures; she is so pretty just like her mom. What do you say we just leave that old orange and blue way in the back of the closet and keep the Roll Tide going? Sounds great to me! Love you!

Maree said...

So much fun!

You girls are gorgeous!