Monday, April 13, 2009

It’s a wonderful world….

  The last few weeks have been busy. I have done a lot of the usual…Ashleys 028

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I’ve spent a lot of time with the people I love.

I have been to two funerals and the visitation of a dear young man who died too young from cancer. It makes you realize to use the time you’ve been given wisely. Love those you love while you can and make sure they know it.

I  have traveled…

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april2009 038

I went to Savannah and then to the Master’s. I walked alot. I ate alot. I enjoyed time with my husband and our friends. Did I say I ate alot…

Today was Easter and I really loved the day of worship. then family…

april2009 139

april2009 146

I have three beautiful kids –if I do say so myself. Sometimes I go on and on about the grandkids and leave out my precious three gifts from God who gave me those GRANDchildren.

One thing I have not done is focus on my goal for losing weight. I did lose 11 pounds from Jan to March for the Scale Back Alabama promotion but I have not remained focused.

Today’s motivational tip is…

Knowledge is power, but without action it’s useless. Renew your mind daily through the truth of the Word, then use that wisdom to guide your body and soul.


Ashleys 038

I love my Daddy’s hands- they are older now and have age spots,( they are still beautiful to me) but in my life they have fixed things, loved us and have never hurt us. Here Abby is holding on to Poppy’s finger. Sometimes that is how I feel about me and God- I am hanging on to His finger. I always need Him, but I am not taking advantage of the big strong hand that wants to hold me, and help me.Ashleys 159 He wants to fix things for me if I just ask and He wants to love me and never hurt me.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life- I serve a Risen Savior. I am a daughter of the King. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. I have been given so much more than I deserve.

My cup runneth over!

I will keep on keeping on and I will win the race.

Be blessed!



Anonymous said...

Hi Lorie,
What a beautiful family you are!! I love, love, love your haircut! I didn't know you got it cut, you look adorable. What a beautiful post today. You know when you just know that if you lived close to someone, you'd be really great friends, well I think we would be!!

He is Risen, we had an amazing service yesterday, I want to keep it close, I don't want to get too busy and forget to tell HIM how much I love him daily. I too am blessed.

Have a wonderful Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lorie...
I've missed you...and I love your haircut! I'm happy that you were able to be away with John...Savannah !!! never been there but if it's anything like Charleston I know I would love it.
Easter Sunday was great and we had a Friday night that was was so special...focusing more on His death than the resurrection. We observed the Lords Supper in a defferent way for us...We went to the front by rows and recieved ehe sacrements one by one...the way the Catholic Church observes...a first for me in that manner and it seemed more meaningful.


jennifer said...

You have gotten your hair cut too!

Love all of the photos of your beautiful family. The picture of the baby holding hands with your Dad... priceless.

Be blessed Lorie!

Brenda said...

A precious family you have for sure! I love hearing about folks, such as yourself, who have their priorites in order and such a love for their family. I could just almost see it bubbling over in you!

Maree said...

I guess we passed shoulders at the Masters and didn't even know!

Your pictures are lovely...really special!

I'm working on loosing those last 10-15 pounds...I started walking a course with hills...seems to be working!

Putz said...

remember me the putz....what a full life and loving the savior makes everything around you joyful

Memaw Barbie said...

You take wonderful pictures. I think I would frame the one with Abby and Poppy's hands. It is very moving. I have missed you and your hair does look really, really cute. You are dong a great job with it. Blessings

The Southern Mom said...

Such precious photos! You always have the best!

And if no one has told you lately...I love your hair!

Bran Bran "Mommy" said...