Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4 of Under the Weather

So this Meme has been sick all week and I have not felt like doing anything! I went to the Dr. on Monday and I have Upper respitory infection with a touch of bronchitis that I think was more than a touch.   I have coughed until I need to be wearing Depends undergarments and I have missed seeing my grandbabies …so I guess I’ll just have to see them in pictures…

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I didn’t mention that my two oldest grandgirls were in a little Easter pageant this past weekend and I don’t need some old judges to tell me they are gorgeous. They did make me proud for being themselves and smiling and enjoying the day-no matter if they won or not. Emma said her trophy says queen on it and has angel wings so it is special.

A few more pics from my weekend will probably help me feel better…

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april2009 130

Don’t you hate to be sick and miss work, life and all your family?

Before I sign off of here can I remind you to pray for

Stellan and MckMama~ they have flown to Boston and he will be having surgery soon on his heart.

I sure feel blessed to have 4 healthy grandchildren and I do mean that –I have a heart for parents and grandparents who have little sick darlings.

I also feel blessed to have have both my parents living.

Thank you God for these blessings and I thank you for the last four days to lay and rest. Sometime we need that !

Be blessed!



surfergrandma said...

Sweet, sweet pictures...get well soon girl!
Love you,
this other meme

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Sorry you've been feeling so bad, hope you are back to feeling great really soon!!
Love all the pics

Pam D said...

Catching up on your blog; SO many precious, beautiful pictures! I love the ones of your dad's hands and him snuggling the baby. What wonderful memories you've created, and they've already come in handy to cheer you up as you get well. There's just so much pollen in the air; I can go from feeling great to feeling like I'm dying in a matter of hours. And the one med that helps, Zyrtec, makes me so irritable that no one can stand to be around me. So, I can either breathe, or I can be nice, but I can't do both at once. Nice wins out every time.
Praying that you feel better quickly!

Maree said...

Hope you are feeling better...not good for memes to be sick!

Love the photos..precious baby...can't wait to get mine!!

New ones smell so good!;-)

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jennifer said...

I am sorry you have been sick Lori. I hope all is better now.

Beautiful photographs!