Saturday, June 12, 2010

Living the good life and another year older!

It seems the older you get the faster time flies.

A week comes and then it goes, I love the sweet times when you slow down and watch a movie with people you love or sit down and eat together.

Of course I love every opportunity to be with my grandbabies – I wish I could see my Ryder boy more than I do. I’ll see him tomorrow and all my loved ones at a cookout at my best friends house for my birthday.

Just a few highlights from the last few weeks…


Anna in the tub at Meme’s


My girls and me after we got showered and foofooed!





Swimming at Memaw’s-they’ll be doing it again tomorrow.


This picture was taken looking through a field and through the trees after a rainstorm, where we were the sky was still dark –but look peeping through the trees was the sunshine –that’s the way life is. We may go through storms but they don’t last-they just help  us appreciate the sunshine in our life’s or should I say SONSHINE.

More pictures tomorrow. Today I have a pool to jump min, a tee ball game to watch and a date with my hubby tonight. Oh yeah-living a blessed life!

Be blessed!



Donna said...

Ahhhh...cute Grandbabies! Hello from Texas!
Nice blog...Have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lorie! Hope it was a day full of fun and surprises! You are so blessed to be a Meme, I'm hoping soon for me!

I am lovin your hair short, it's sassy.


Gmama said...

I love seeing the grandpeeps swimming in the backyard!! Happy belated Birthday!

Shauna said...

Hi Lorie!!

Hope you are doing well! Happy belated birthday! :)