Monday, May 31, 2010

I need some work

Things I'm working on:
I'm trying to get remotivated to work on being healthy-in other words losing some weight and getting more active,
I'm working on getting a handle on my house-it seems like I would rather spend time with loved ones and GO when I get the opportunity to clean.
I'm working on getting my pictures in some kind of order and onto an external hard drive. All 5000 of them!
I'm knitting a prayer shawl for someone I love who is going through a rough time.
I'm trying to realize how to start a prayer ministry for ladies who desire to be persistant in prayer.
I'm trying to come back to blogging and writing because I love it.
I'm trying to figure out if anybody even reads this-it doesn't matter if they do -I'll still write and post pictures and blog, because I know a little lady who'll be 7 this year likes Meme's blog.
I need to work on things I can change, let go of things I can't and figure out how to tell the difference in the two.
I'm working on being a better Mom, a better wife, a better person.
I need to work on getting more sleep, drinking more water, and eating better!
I'm working on figuring out what I'm good at....
I'll be back!
Be blessed!



Gmama said...

I read your blog and I'm glad you decided to come back to it! Us Grandmothers have a story to tell and regardless of who reads it now, in time we will have left a written legacy of our family, our thoughts, and our dreams. What better reason to spend the extra time to write or "blog" as it's now called. So keep writing!! I'm right there with you in the "I need some work" dept.!!
Your sister in Christ
Gmama jane

Charlene said...

I read your blog and I, too, am glad that you're back...I heard somewhere that there was a place where you could have your blog turned into a book! That would be nice for your children to have someday don't you think?
the other meme

jennifer said...

"I'm working on figuring out what I'm good at...."

That sentence made me stop and think.

I pray that God will bless you in your endeavors. It sounds like your heart is in the right place and you desire good things.

Hugs Lorie!

Maree said...

I think your perfect just the way you are!!

Betsy said...

I'm constantly re-evaluating myself and what I can do better. It's a never ending makeover! ha