Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today is a beautiful day....

Last week I was eating with my daughter and my grandgirls and we were talking as we ate. My Emma girl said her best friend is Olivia and that she loves her. Emma and Anna asked me who was my best friend. I said God is my best friend and they looked surprised. I said He has been with me all my life and I talk to Him about everything. He has never let me down and only wants the best for me. Emma thought for a minute and said Okay Meme, who is your best friend on earth? I asked who she thought- she began to name them- Memaw Barbie, Juju, Princess Kerry and then asked if they are my best friends. I said yes. So Saturday I get to their house to babysit and Anna is sitting on the couch- I am playing and talking to her and say guess who's coming over to help Meme babysit and visit? I said it's one of my best friends. Her eyes got huge and her mouth fell open in surprise and she said in amazement "God is coming here tonight!" I smiled and hugged her and told her God was already there but Juju was coming to play and have fun with us.
I love kids!


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