Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I’ve been a busy Meme

  I’ve been a bad blogger but a good Meme!

I’ve had Ryder spend the night…

May 012

We’ve been to birthday parties…May 035

We celebrated Anna’s big day-

 May 071

Watched fireworks

May 104

Been to the beachMay 132

May 098

Had good family time

May 147

May 149

May 156

Spent time with friends

May 158

Had a good Mother’s Day!

May 160 

May 167

May 205

May 226

May 232

May 219

Had dinner with friends

May 247

Life is good!

I am blessed-I pray you are too.



Anonymous said...

Well I was wondering where you were. I figured you were busy with those grandbabies...LOL!! It is nice to know you are still in blogland. I feel like I know you personally. I'm glad your Mothers Day was blessed, mine was wonderful also.


The Southern Mom said...

Busy woman! Glad Mother's Day was a good one! The babies are so sweet!