Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I hope this helps a friend of mine…

As a parent I have often had questions, fears, guilt and frustration. Thankfully, now I feel mostly proud and blessed as a parent. I have learned to let go and let God. But it was not always easy. I would say they are yours God -you love them more than I do please take care of them -then the next glitch would come and I would take them back. We do this with lots of worries and fears we have. I have anyway.

This poem by an unknown author was a help to me and I pass it on...

It's Your Move, Daughter

I gave you life

But I cannot live it for you.

I can teach you things

But I cannot make you learn.

I can give you directions

But I cannot always be there to lead you.

I can allow you freedom

But I cannot account for it.

I can take you to church

But I cannot make you believe.

I can teach you right from wrong

But I cannot always decide for you.

I can buy you beautiful clothes

But I cannot make you lovely inside.

I can offer you advice

But I cannot accept it for you.

I can give you love

But I cannot force it upon you.

I can teach you to be a friend

But I cannot make you one.

I can teach you to share

But I cannot make you unselfish.

I can teach you respect

But I cannot force you to show honor.

I can grieve about your report card

But I cannot doubt your teachers.

I can teach you about sex

But I cannot keep you pure.

I can tell you the facts of life

But I can't build your reputation.

I can tell you about drinking

But I cannot say NO for you.

I can warn you about drugs

But I can't prevent you from using them.

I can tell you about lofty goals

But I can't achieve them for you.

I can let you babysit

But I can't be responsible for your actions.

I can teach you kindness

But I can't force you to be gracious.

I can warn you about sins

But I cannot make your morals.

I can love you as a daughter

But I cannot place you in God's family.

I can pray for you

But I cannot make you walk with God.

I can teach you about Jesus

But I cannot make him your Savior.

I can teach you to obey

But I cannot make Jesus your Lord.

I can tell you how to live

But I cannot give you eternal life.


As parents we will make mistakes, we can try and do what’s right and we still will have problems, because children come with free-will just like we did. If God couldn’t force actions on his first born what makes us think we can.

I know that to make it through children you need a pair of knee pads and just when you think they came out alright it starts all over with your grandbabies.

Be blessed!



Valarie Lea said...

And this is just what I needed...Thank You :)

Bran Bran "Mommy" said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and so true! I just saw your post on your dining room chairs, I love that fabric...wherever did you find it?


Reva said...

"Let go and Let God!" I have had to use that statement on myself so many times throughout my life, especially when raising unruly teenagers. I had to trust that the things I had taught them when they were young about right and wrong and that God can be trusted would eventually come to the surface and help them on their way. I have seen that come to fruition on some and am still waiting on the other's but I don't have the weight on my shoulder's now, it's on God's where it belonged from the beginning. Thanks for the reminder and the thoughts you wrote.

Putz said...

hi me me lorie's, haven't kept track of you, but i really have, friends of yours, jess barbara,reva, brenda, amber,debbie and the other debbie, and beverly, and gigi, and sammy all have you on their blogs