Monday, March 2, 2009

These are a few of my Favorite things….


Emma and Her Boyfriend Thomas


My Little Boobear Abby smiling


I can’t get enough!


Anna is growing up so fast and a good big sister.


I had my first babysitting session Thursday night~Abby and I had a great time-she took her first bottle from Meme and her big sisters enjoyed a night at the circus  with Mom and Dad. Friday I ate lunch with Tab –a dear sweet friend I miss. Then I went to see the award winning Slumdog Millionaire- it was an awesome movie and I recommend it. Saturday was a busy day with a wedding shower and dinner with some of my best friends. My sweet friend Sharon moved to B’ham and we all miss her- we had a good Greek dinner at Papou’s downtown and ended the evening at Cotton Row and seeing Bubby. This morning we woke up to a white yard and not many people at church. I got the sad news that a young girl I know was killed in a car accident – please remember her family- her Mom’s name is Patti and my heart goes out to her. I enjoyed a lazy afternoon with a pot of Taco soup and one of my favorite tv shows tonight– Brothers and Sisters. Tomorrow starts another week-why do weekend pass so fast?

Be blessed -  I hope I’m better at bogging in March than I was in January and February!! It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and I may bring back some of my favorites.



surfergrandma said...

Beautiful children !!!
I've missed you on the blog...
See you in two weeks,

Memaw Barbie said...

What good pictures. Wasn't Saturday night the best? What about Destin in May! Blessings to ya darlin

Maree said...

I love your life! Those children are so beautiful!!

I wasn't going to go see Slumdog(too sad for me right now I thought)but my daughter said I should go...she was right! Awesome!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

HEY! I ordeded from B&H. I have never ordered from them but I feel like they are a reputable company from what I hear. I did not want to risk getting a "gray market" camera! For now I am just gonna read read read and maybe get a video specifically on the d90. We have lots of good books at work/library. And I can inter-library loan any we don't have. I might take a class or even organize an informal class at the library... bring in a speaker/teacher.... we will see!
I am sooo exciteD!
Lenses are just as overwhelming as the cameras! maybe more! I know what types of settings and types of photos I will take so I go from there on lenses. I wanted a sort of multipurpose lens so I went with the more expensive kit lens, the 18-200mm VR. And then I would like to soon add the 50mm 1.4 or 50mm 1.8 for some great macro type shots! I want a polarizing filter too for all the camping/hiking landscapes I hope to take when we are out in the bright sun!!! LOVE The sun! THAT is when I go outside!! when it's sunny!!!
These are great great pics on this post!!! Really!

Pam D said...

Those are the real treasures in life! Forget all the "stuff"; YOU got the GOOD stuff, my friend. It's always a pleasure when you blog; hope you DO get around to doing more of it. BUT... only if it doesn't take time away from those precious babies.... !
hugs and blessings....

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness your grandbabies are adorable and Abby is getting so big!! I can see how proud you are.


Brenda said...

Your grandkiddos are so cute. That little one is growing so fast! What a sweetie!

Lindsay said...

Those pictures are GREAT ... and I think they are definitely worthy of being your {favorite} things :)

jennifer said...

Well of course you can handle baby sitting! Your babies are darling!

Rachel said...

Congrats on one year!

Love the pics - they are darling!